Creating Souvenir Jewelry

by Marieke Treloar.

I was sorely disappointed recently when I attempted to find a truly Australian souvenir – one that not only represented Australia, but was also made in Australia.

Truly Australian souvenir jewelry – rings by Marieke Treloar.

I found nothing, not for want of trying.

Even items that I thought could only have been made in Australia were made on foreign shores.

Sitting in my studio after some weeks of frustration, I then posed a question. What would be something truly Australian?

The answer then hit the studio roof literally. A beautiful branch of Australian Blue Gum crashed on the roof, a kind donation from my neighbours’ 60-foot tree.

The branch was a great inspiration.

The end result was a beautiful selection of uniquely Australian wooden rings. I was even able to set gems in them.

Marieke Treloar’s uniquely Australian wooden rings.

Sometimes inspiration can literally fall from the heavens.

Keep your mind open and take a good look at the environment around you. You may just end up creating something beautiful and memorable.

Enjoy your passion.

Author Marieke Treloar of Designed by MJT is about to commence her second year as a jewelery student at Box Hill institute of TAFE, Victoria, Australia. Her passion for the design and creation of jewellery has been described on many occasions as an obsession (especially by family members).

Marieke comes from a family of painters, artists, dressmakers and creative souls and is proud to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps (a jeweller for more than 20 years). The style she is currently drawn to is multipurpose technically construction pieces, that display a simply beauty and charm.

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