Copper Medicine Bag

by Jan C Aynes.

JAynes: Copper Medicine Bag 1

Copper jump rings, roundmaille chain transitioned to european 2 in 1 bag with angled flap.

Probably 100 hours total for chainmaille weave, adding decorations. The pouch is large enough to hold a computer mouse.

Jan C Aynes
Organically Us


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  • Great color palette of oranges fading into aquas, Jan. Also I love the combined natural elements of copper and feathers. Fabulous work of art!

  • zoraida says:

    Very beautiful, artistic piece, and so much work! You’ve created a little masterpiece!

  • Colleen Hamm says:

    This is a stunning piece, a work of art is so totally right!!!!

  • Roy Fields says:

    Beautiful work. You can see your patience in the piece and excellent choice of colors.

  • I agree with Colleen, a stunning piece! Have you made many of these bags? A real keepsake piece.

  • Jan C Aynes says:

    Thank you all for your generous comments and compliments. I made a total of two medicine bags, different metals and different styles. These took so long to make I will be happy to never make one again! It was a gift to my future daughter-in-law.

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