Choosing a Brand Name and Slogan for My Jewelry

by Olga Cernea.
(OC Elegance)

Polymer clay and pearl jewelry set by Olga Cernea

When I decided to go serious with handmade jewelry and make it a bigger part of my life, I realized I needed a brand name and a slogan.

I started searching the internet for ideas. I spent hours and days… searching.

I asked my friends and relatives, so they would give me list of ideas… and nice words… but there was nothing that I liked.

And you know why? It’s because all that wasn’t “Me”. It’s because I asked anyone but myself. 🙂

I finally realized that, and the right brand name and slogan came to me.

I just relaxed and asked myself: “What is the style that characterizes all my works? How do I think should all my work be in the meaning of style?”, “what do most of my customers say about my jewelry?”

The answer was: “Elegant” (the brand name).

Then I imagined myself a possible client, tried to feel like a customer and asked myself: ” How do I want to feel wearing this kind of jewelry?”

The answer was: “Special”. So the slogans appeared “Jewelry that makes you special” and “Feel Special!”.

Don’t forget to address to your own feelings, to your own person inside you 🙂 when you decide you need a brand name and a slogan for your handmade jewelry.

Olga Cernea
OC Elegance – jewelry that makes you special!


I think part of the fun of creating a jewelry business
by: Rena

…is deciding on the “personality”, words, and colors that express us and our unique work.

It’s as much a part of our creative expression as the jewelry we make!

Gathering other people’s input can sometimes be helpful – but as you found, ultimately only you can know when the words feel just right. :o)

Thank you for sharing your story, Olga, and the gorgeous photo of your jewelry!

Your Name
by: Debbie

Olga –
I love your brand name and slogan.
OC Elegance -that name just screams elegance, and who doesn’t want to feel special?
Your jewelry is very elegant.

When I came up with my name – J’adorn – I kept thinking about how I (and most women) like to adorn myself with jewelry
It sure is fun to see how creative we can be in not only in our jewelry creations, but our business name as well.


Definitely not an easy task….
by: Pat Mulock

Having just selected a name for the jewelry business my sister and I have decided to start, I know exactly the frustration of trying to find the perfect name. We were debating all sorts of options based on the fact that we had the same initials when we were kids. My brother-in-law was sitting close by and after about an hour of name-testing, he made some comment about not understaind what was so difficult. His niece was there, and she just looked at him and said “It’s a girl thing” and “Itza Girl Thing Creations” was born!!!! Once we had that, the tag line was easy “Two sisters’ designs as unique as you”….

It’s not easy
by: Janine Gerade

I think calling my business JmG Designs was a good idea because I am a jack of all trades (jewelry designer, floral designer and Graphic Designer) so design and my initials just fits! Unfortunately it’s also copyrighted, but I’ll think of something clever when the time comes to make it official. Another reason my website is and not the above name is because the company already bought the domain name. Sometimes what is available on the web for domain names helps you choose too.

Brand name
by: Nada V.

Well, you have first reached OUTside … then you have reached INside – tells a lot to Your customers about You!!! It works, does it 🙂 All the best to You, Your family and Your OC Elegance !!!! Sincerily, N.V.

Many thanks to all!
by: OC Elegance

Thank you!

The pleasure of hard work
by: Joyce

I am making jewelry for some time and have a little bit of experience to comment about it. I started out as a therapy for depression but eventually began worrying for selling it. For me branding comes with packaging and a registered company. As long as we are working in a small room in our home, its unimaginable to transform into a brand. Its too scary.

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