Work in progress

by Pam.
(West Australia)

Pearl and shell brooch in progress by Pam  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

As soon as I can master setting this in a golden wire woven bezel it will be ready!

Not simple with hands that are half numb and hurt, but I WILL do it! This is a beach found shellchip, freshwater pearls, a howlite starfish, and beach sand in resin. It will become a brooch with the pin added into the resin on the back that gives it strength!

The other is a market find Abalone shell with freshwater pearls.

Abalone shell with freshwater pearls by Pam  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

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  1. I love these beach-theme pieces, Pam! With so many elements from the sea, including sand, it gives a real feel for the beach! The first one especially feels like a little scene or miniature model – as though I could shrink down and step into it. 🙂 A charming pair of creations, especially for summer dreamers. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  2. Pam, I can’t wait to see what you do with the wire wrapping of these. Love that these will be brooches.

  3. Dianne H. says:

    Especially loved the first piece. The sprinkle of sand is a great touch!

  4. Pam these are really gorgeous, you are very talented and inspirational

  5. Claudia says:

    Pam both pieces are so pretty and very “calming”. Even unfinished they brought a smile to my face!

    Beautiful work! Keep it up!

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