Turning a Broken Brooch into a Bracelet

by Lilián.

A few months ago, Lilián asked for ideas on How to Turn This Brooch into A Bracelet Without Making a Hole in it.

The JMJ community suggested lots of interesting solutions for her in the comments on that post, and here she shares how her new bracelet turned out.

Here is the broken brooch before doing anything to it:

How to turn a broken brooch into a bracelet, by Lilian  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

The brooch before it became a bracelet.

Finally I modified the brooch with one of the techniques that I like, and I work with every day, quilling paper!

The broken brooch turned into a bracelet, by Lilian  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

The new quilling paper border, and how the broken brooch attaches to the bracelet.

And I combined it with earrings of the same material and technique. I was very pleased with the results.

The bracelet with quilling earrings by Lilian  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

The bracelet with quilling earrings.

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  1. Lilián says:

    thank you very much everyone for the wonderful ideas and suggestions that both inspired me (sorry for my english )

  2. It turned out wonderful. Very pretty! I’m glad you were able to put a bit of you in it with the quilling.

  3. Lilián says:

    Thank you María! ❤

  4. Absolutely lovely, Lilián! Your beautiful paper quilling was a wonderful way to create a border with holes for the brooch. You did such a great job with the quilling that it looks like it was already part of the brooch – the colors and everything match it so well. It adds unique quality to both the brooch and earrings. Thanks for letting us see how this piece turned out! 🙂

  5. Lilián says:

    thank you for this wonderful place where we can express ourselves and learn from each other.

  6. Jim Horth says:

    Very nice, I especially like the elegant earrings that match so well. May I ask what medium you used to stiffen your quilled designs? My daughter uses quilling to decorate cards and would like to use it in her jewelry designs.

  7. Lilian, your quilling skills made your broken brooch come alive with pattern and color. Absolutely gorgeous !!

  8. Lilián says:

    Hi Jim! Thank you!
    I use several products to protect works on paper quilling (various varnishes, nail polish, mate or gloss)
    It is very important to apply many thin layers of the product.
    I’ve also seen that resin is used , but I try to use products that are not toxic.

  9. Lilián says:

    Thank yoy Debbie!!! ❤

  10. I would never have considered incorporating quilling in with jewelry! Wonderful concept and results! ?

  11. Lilián says:

    Thanks Deb!
    quilling jewerly gave me greats satisfactions!
    Now, I’m incorporating glass in my quilling jewerly.

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