Getting Publicity by Wearing My Jewelry

by Judy Pagnusat.
(Northern California, United States)

Getting Publicity by Wearing My Jewelry, by Judy Pagnusat  - Jewelry Making Journal

The necklace and earrings. The necklace has a story in that it is a copy of the earrings, which are buttons that a friend gave me. It is out of silver metal. I wear it more than any other piece of jewelry and would never sell it. I did make one other for the friend who gave me the buttons.

I always wear at least one piece of my jewelry and encourage my friends who make jewelry to do the same.

The unusual thing that happened to me was that on a trip this year to a very small island on the north end of the British Isles, Orkney, our tour guide admired the necklace I had on.

She loved it so much that asked if she could post a picture of it on the tour website.

She said they never do this, she just loved it so much.

The tour company's Facebook post about my jewelry - by Judy Pagnusat - Jewelry Making Journal

The tour company’s Facebook post about my jewelry.

She did and it brought people to my website. Just proves you never know, and it is important to wear your work.

With husband Jerry in Orkney

With husband Jerry in Orkney at one of the 5000-year-old archaeological sites we were touring.

Judy Pagnusat
JudyPag – Judy’s Art Site

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  • Sally says:

    Great story, Judy. I agree with you that we are our best advertisement!! Beautiful pieces too.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this story, Judy! A great reminder to wear our jewelry every day – because you just never know who might see it. I bet one of the things that drew the tour guide so strongly to your necklace was its artistic uniqueness. Also the fact that she met the artist in person!

  • Irene says:

    Love this necklace and also the story.

  • joan says:

    My daughter Laurie kept telling me to wear one of my necklaces when I’m selling. So I did and a lady asked me if the one i was wearing was for sale? It was one of my “keepers”, but i said “Sure!, it’s one of my favorites. but i’ll sell it.”, and we laughed about it as i was unlatching it. I quickly thought, I could always make a similar one. She also bought some others. She was in a buying mood. So, from now one i’m going to always wear one and leave the tag on. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It does draw attention to my displayed jewelry. customers can pic. it on themselves when they see it worn. I’m 76 yrs old and they make me pretty & happy.

    I do have some special ones i wear, that are definitely not for sale…my metal detecting momentos, but they work the same way…. People question them which peaks their interest in the others, and they hear my story of my finds.

  • Such a pretty piece you made! I like to wear my jewelry too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Very pretty necklace. Love the design

  • love the unique design. there is something about the pattern that is very eye catching and speaks to the soul.

  • Dawn Kelley says:

    I’m also an entertainer and I totally agree. It’s a wonderful thing to wear your own jewelry creations. I do every day, and I get many nice compliments on the pieces. I’ve also sold several items to, not only my friends, but to other people I meet, as well as members of my audiences.

  • Moogie says:

    That is a very beautiful & artistic set and I love it! I also wear everything I create at least a couple of times to make sure the weight/balance is right, that it doesnโ€™t come undone or fall apart & that it just works. I had made a bracelet using a magnetic clasp & it came undone 3 times before I just took it off & changed the clasp. I also wear & keep pieces I really like. But if someone wants to buy it off my body, Iโ€™m okay with that!

  • Marianne says:

    fab set – and great marketing idea…. thanks so much for sharing it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christine Rehkop says:

    Great story about your jewelry and I like your designs Judy!

  • Michele says:

    Wearing earrings I’d made to work years ago got me back into creating again. My coworkers wanted to buy the design I made and voila!
    I also make earrings and zipper pulls to give away twice a year to patients and family members at the clinic where I work.
    I don’t advertise any info with the items. If someone inquires who made them then my co-workers will tell them. It’s a small way of giving back. Plus it’s fun seeing people in random places with my stuff knowing I made their day a little brighter.

  • Rita Muller says:

    This set reminds me of the beach where I live. Due to where we are in FL our sand is a unique shade of silver. So inspiring to see it in jewelry. I also always wear my own work though I rarely sell it. Beading is my hobby and although I love it, I have never felt compelled to sell anything but custom orders. I give a lot away to charity too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jean BH says:

    I love your story, earrings and necklace. Beautiful! I think it is a good idea to wear your creations when you are out and about. I always carry a couple pair of earring wires and pliers. (I carry a backpack) I just like to change out the earring wires when I sell earrings I am wearing. The customers seem to like that. The rest I just take off and sell. I live on a small island, so I take every sale I can get. LOL!

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