Steampunk Alien Bug-Man

by Carol Wofford.
(Halifax, VA)

Steampunk Alien Bug Man by Carol Wofford  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I love shopping at local flea markets and yard sales for vintage and unusual jewelry, you just never know what you’ll find!

I see beauty in things that many people call junk and especially like buying items that are broken, missing stones and have missing parts because when I get home I usually break them up into useable parts for my steampunk compositions.

This past weekend I found a great vintage butterfly with long spiked legs.

Most of the stones were missing so when i got home I removed the rest of the stones and wire brushed the body.

Steampunk Alien Bug Man by Carol Wofford  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I began sorting through my boxes of junk parts and pieces and found an alien looking charm head which gave me the idea of making a space age alien bug-man.

I added a watch dial for the body and wired it with coils and gears to give it a mechanical effect. Some coiled wire and gears were added to the chain to complete the composition.

Carol Wofford

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  1. Michelle S says:

    Wow! This is fabulous. A unique, one-of-a-kind piece.

  2. A great sci-fi / Steampunk creation, Carol! I especially like that it looks really different from most Steampunk jewelry. Adding the alien head was a master stroke!

  3. OMG this is so cool!! I’d love to know if you sold any. Great job!!

  4. Carol wofford says:

    No I haven’t sold any pieces yet. I haven’t found an appropriate venue for my creations but I’d love to be able to share them with others. If you have suggestions I’d love to hear them.

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