Ring Stolen from My Booth – What Should I Have Done?

by Joan.

Ring Stolen from My Booth - What Should I Have Done? -  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I had a ring stolen by a stout short man last Saturday.

I saw his hand come out of his pocket, and one of my friends saw him take the ring.

I went over to him, he couldn’t talk English very well, but he knew he was caught.

I am very trusting with my display and didn’t know what to do. I was speechless.

He slipped away and because the ring was only a $3 giveaway I didn’t make an issue of it with him.

BUT what should i have done? He got away with it, and now he knows he was “caught.”

I thought of all types of ways I could have handled it after.

And if something like this happens again (Gads, i hope not) I am mentally prepared.

If he ever shows up again anywhere near any of our group’s displays, he will be turned away. I don’t think he will.

I did learn something, and there was a suggestion on Rena’s website about not keeping smaller items too close upfront.

So now i’ve raised the table height, set the smaller items back more. and I will especially pay more attention.

It was very easy for him to slip the ring into his pocket because of his stature, the ring placement and table height.

Hopefully this will never happen again. I really did learn a lesson. I hope my experience helps someone.

Joan’s Midland Arts & Crafts, Poway

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  1. Joan, I’m so sorry to hear about that incident! For future reference, since you saw the thief and approached him – could you have used your phone to take a photo of him? And then texted the photo to whoever was managing the event, or to the local police, or the event security people? (Or to all of those people?)

  2. Rena, i actually thought of that, but it was too late. if i see him again, even if he’s just looking, i plan on taking that pic. if he comes to my table again, i’m going to give him a few moments (in case he’s returning the ring) and take a pic and tell him to leave and don’t come back. If he ever shows up at another’s table i will also do the pic. i don’t want to escalate this, so i have to be cautious. thanks for the suggestion it is appreciated.

  3. So… last year at a show I saw a young boy looking long and hard at a bead crochet necklace. Black seed beads, red thread, I thought it was striking, but not something that a kid would want. Maybe 5 minutes later I noticed that both the boy and the necklace were gone. I looked up and down the side of the show that he’d been on, but couldn’t find him with his family.

    Later in the afternoon, on the other side of the show (my booth straddled two “aisles” so to speak, and was open to both sides) I saw him again, with his family. My husband noticed that he kept looking at us (as I kept looking at him) and we thought he was feeling guilty. Not sure of how to approach the issue, I finally went to the group (Dad, Mom, two sons) and, as nicely as I could, asked the boy if he might have seen what happened to the necklace that I’d seen him looking at. I said it was missing and asked if he’d SEEN anyone that might have taken it. He said nothing, but Mom got all riled up. She asked if I was accusing her son, asked if I was accusing HER. She asked if I wanted him to empty his pockets or look through her purse, and I had to let it go… though I REALLY wanted to say “yes, let’s see what’s in his pockets, please.”

    I apologized for interrupting them and walked away. There was NOTHING else to do. I just hope that perhaps Mom, after the fact, did check his pockets and found the truth. I spent the next day of the show hoping that they would come to return the necklace, but no. Now, I use double U-Pins to tack some items to the tablecloth… but that’s a pain to do and undo.

    I’m always disappointed in people when someone steals from my booth, but this was especially disappointing.

  4. I had just set my tent up, using grid wall and hooks to hang my bracelets, and the first customer of the day came in and looked at them. She was trying some on and moving them around. My daughter and I watched her closely, and she didn’t take one of the bracelets off. We got distracted by other customers and when I looked back, she was gone, along with the bracelet. I know because of the empty hook. My daughter went to find her and she was a few booths down harassing the booth owners about not wanting to take a check from her. After seeing this, I realized that thieves are everywhere and we have to keep our guard up. It’s so unfortunate, but they are out there. My feeling is that Karma will get her. I decided to let it go and focus on the good people that visited my show, which ended up being quite successful.

  5. Maggie r says:

    When I’m selling my merchandise I typically have at least one helper. We are lucky enough to usually have a busy booth but with that comes theft. What I have instructed my girls to do if they see a theft is to ask that person “would you like to buy that ring (or whatever item they have)?”. That usually dosent cause too much drama and allows the person to “save face” -and “decide” whether to buy the ring or not. It’s not fool proof but it does help in those situations… hope you don’t need to try it but if you do, I hope it helps ✿◠‿◠

  6. Hi, it’s been a few months since the man stole the $3 give a way ring from me. i did report him to the people in charge, when i saw him again, and he is being allowed to sleep overnight in an area close to where we have our day sales. i keep looking his way, and later when he was waiting for someone, he eventually moved away. i think that he’s an illegal. i feel sorry for them also, but i don’t want to be threatened with whatever he does. we all know about him and he knows it. We also packup at 2:00 and are out of there.

    One thing about this is that i’ve rearranged my table, to make any thief work harder to take something w/o being seen. And, the bonus to that is I like the new setup. 🙂 We also look out for each other a little more since. So there was some good that came out of it.

    I put out less rings and keep them further back from the table front. I am not blocked by any display and have a full view of my table. Large items are in back with the smaller ones in between. a person has to use both hands to “feel” my jewelry. And, I’m not quite so trusting. Just glad it was a $3 ring.

  7. Joan, thanks for this update on that event. I am glad to hear that something good came out of that episode, and that you have some more safety measures in place.

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