Ring Stolen from My Booth – What Should I Have Done?

by Joan.

Ring Stolen from My Booth - What Should I Have Done? -  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I had a ring stolen by a stout short man last Saturday.

I saw his hand come out of his pocket, and one of my friends saw him take the ring.

I went over to him, he couldn’t talk English very well, but he knew he was caught.

I am very trusting with my display and didn’t know what to do. I was speechless.

He slipped away and because the ring was only a $3 giveaway I didn’t make an issue of it with him.

BUT what should i have done? He got away with it, and now he knows he was “caught.”

I thought of all types of ways I could have handled it after.

And if something like this happens again (Gads, i hope not) I am mentally prepared.

If he ever shows up again anywhere near any of our group’s displays, he will be turned away. I don’t think he will.

I did learn something, and there was a suggestion on Rena’s website about not keeping smaller items too close upfront.

So now i’ve raised the table height, set the smaller items back more. and I will especially pay more attention.

It was very easy for him to slip the ring into his pocket because of his stature, the ring placement and table height.

Hopefully this will never happen again. I really did learn a lesson. I hope my experience helps someone.

Joan’s Midland Arts & Crafts, Poway

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