Quick Earring Display Cards

by Becky Jamin.
(Beautiful Sunny St. Petersburg, Florida USA)

I had run out of my favorite earring display cards so I punched holes, with my metal punch pliers, in one end of my business cards and hooked the ear wires through so that they hung on the plain white back side of the card.

Back side of my business card

Back side of my business card

Slip the card/earrings into a zip lock bag and, voila’, instant, identifiable packaging.

Although not as pretty as I’d plan on, it certainly did save my rear-end at my last craft show!

Front side

Front side

Becky Jamin
Jamin Jewelry on Facebook

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  1. Great quick thinking, Becky! Was your metal punch able to punch through a small stack of business cards, or just card at a time?

  2. Leslie Schmidt says:

    I use my business cards specifically for hanging earrings, also placed in plastic zip bags. It protects them as I bring them out for display at my beginning jewelry techniques classes. I print them with dots (the period symbol) for where I put a small hole for the earrings (I just use my bead reamer or an awl) and the smaller hole keeps the earrings from slipping. I also can bend the top of my business card over a small bit to hang over a lip for a display if I wish. I print my business information on the bottom of the card and it doesn’t interfere with my earring designs. Then my information is also available to the buyer without adding another business card and the earrings are already packaged.

  3. I want to ask, what size plastic bags do you use for the business cards?
    I love the idea.

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