Tapas Dishes Showcase Special Pieces

by Sue Henne.
(Ithaca, New York USA)

I saw this simple idea at the San Francisco airport this spring.

Cracker plate used for earrings.

Cracker plate used for earrings.

A local co op of artists had a small store and jewelry was one of several mediums presented.

An assortment of long tapas dishes held long necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Each dish held only a few pieces which made them stand out. I am planning to use this at my summer show.

Long appetizer dish used to display 40" necklace

Long appetizer dish used to display 40″ necklace

These affordable little plates can be found at discount department stores (Marshalls, TJMaxx…)

Sue Henne
StringerBs at Etsy

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  • Sue, that’s a pretty effect! I especially like the blue one. Will you have a collection of various colors of tapas dishes (like the way FiestaWare dishes are used), or just one or two colors? I can imagine customers having fun seeing what’s in each dish. They’d also be handy for holding groups of carded earrings in little ziplock bags. Neat idea, and easy to arrange for any shape of booth space!

  • Mary Wong says:

    Wow. Another great tip for display! Thanks.

  • Christine says:

    Sue, to take this a step further — how about alternating the height of the dishes as well, by placing some on bases or by mixing in some small cake stands. This could add visual interest to your display.

  • Sue Henne says:

    Thanks for the ideas, Rena and Christine. I may implement both ideas.
    I am somewhat of a minimalist when displaying my jewelry and will consider the height change as well as another color or two. So much of my inventory is sea glass, I may stick to ocean shades: blues, greens, whites and browns.

    Awesome chat space, thanks, Rena!

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