Out of This World Pendants

by Glenda Munguia.
(Houston, TX)

Spikes Pendant by Glenda Munguia  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Spikes pendant

I have jewelry on consignment at a hair salon, and I wanted to make some pieces inspired on “what would I like to wear myself?” I like to wear pieces that are different and weird, so I pushed the envelope further and came up with these.

Abstract Pendant by Glenda Munguia  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Abstract pendant

To my surprise they were well received and sold quickly. It took several attempts to create spikes that didn’t break after baking (I test my polymer clay pieces by attempting to break them, if I cannot break then, then I can sell them).

Pearl in a Lilly Pendant by Glenda Munguia  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Pearl in a Lilly

Glenda Munguia
Beautiful by Glenda

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  1. Glenda, I always love your innovative approach to creating things. And evidently your audience does too, since your “different and weird” jewelry was so well received and quickly sold. These pieces are wonderfully different – the “Spikes Pendant” is my favorite.

  2. Mary Anne Enriquez says:

    I LOVE YOUR IDEAS Glenda! I too like “weird” jewelry, and big bold statements. I am often scared to make it to “sell.” You give me courage! Thank you so much!

    Oh….I would never guess that was polymer clay- 2 of the pieces look like cast sterling silver!

  3. Thank you Rena and Mary Anne! Your words are encouraging. Mary Anne, I cover the clay, when it is raw, with actual powdered metal and at 300 degrees it anneals in the oven. This is what gives it the metallic look.

  4. I was very surprised this is polymer clay! Thanks for the tip about covering with powdered metal. Amazing.

  5. Glenda,I love your pieces and didn’t realize they were polymer clay! I am finally persuaded to invest in some clay and lessons. The silver is a great colour. Thanks Kate.

  6. I love these, especially the last one, the pearl in a lily. It makes me think of Georgia O’Keeffe’s art.

  7. Oh, I love what you are doing here and that tip about the powdered metal. If you don’t mind saying would love to know what kind and where you get the powdered metal. If you would rather not, I understand. Love your aesthetic.

  8. “Different and weird” could become your jewelry voice! When you said you try to break something before selling, you hit a chord with me. I do the same, having learned the hard way. Lovely pieces.

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments. Terri, I don´t mind, I used Mona Lisa Speedball powder metal. The small bottle lasted me for years, until I lost a lot of it by accidentally dropping it (got a silver foot after that, at least for the evening). When trying to replace it I had a hard time finding it. I found a similar product at a local art supply store and will be trying it. For clay I used Kato.

  10. Shari Irwin says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous!! And sometimes the best things come from a weird imagination!

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