My Simply Southwest Pendant

by Linda.
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Sandstone, turquoise, and wire pendant by Linda  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Wire Art

I made this from a piece of Sandstone and a chunk of Turquoise… I live in Arizona and my Home is New Mexico… so a piece close to my Heart.

It is wrapped with Sterling Silver Wire.

I have been designing in Wire since 2000 when I found a Wire Artist Magazine in a store in Quartzite, Arizona on my way from California to New Mexico.

I enjoy wire because the ideas are endless…for jewelry as well as decoratives!


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  1. Linda, a very cool idea to create a pendant with such personal meaning for you. Silver wire is a perfect way to combine all these Southwestern elements. I agree with your sentiment on wire – it’s wonderful because it’s limitless!

  2. Catherine says:

    Linda, that is pretty! I’m especially drawn to Southwestern because I’m from Flagstaff and have many family members in New Mexico. I now live in Oklahoma and really miss Arizona. At night to relax I like working with wire trying to see what I can come up with, though it usually doesn’t turn out the way I like, but it is fun trying. Very creative!

  3. Dianne Haselfeld says:

    Lived in Phoenix many years now in Prescott. Love Southwest colors also and often like to pair them with copper. Very creative use of the stones combined with wire wrapping.

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