Louvered Door Jewelry Display

by Laurie Lynne.
(Meriden, CT)

Louvered doors make a great standing backdrop for hanging jewelry displays. Flat necklace busts, display boards, and earring cards hang nicely on the vertical surface.

You can display matching or related pieces of jewelry next to each other, and include signs wherever you like.

Clip-on lamps at the top of the doors light up the jewelry.

You could also use shutters to create a similar standing jewelry display.

Laurie Lynne
Laurie Lynne’s Jewelry and Parties


by: Anonymous

What a fantastic idea!

base for louver door display
by: sharyn

louver doors do make great displays. but in an outdoor show, one gust of wind can be a disaster. my husband made a V shaped channel nailed to a large flat base out of plywood, which i spray painted. now, the door sits in the channel, and stands-up to wind gusts and folks accidentally bumping into it.

Too Cool!
by: Anonymous

I had thought of this, but never seen it in action – this will be great!

by: Jean

This use of bi-fold doors is the nicest I’ve seen. I think it would also work in a smaller tabletop version with shutters. Earring cards would work really well on the smaller version.
It is a nice uncluttered look. I am definitly going to give it a try.
Jean Menden

Really Neat Display
by: Belltown Beads

Laurie, this is a great idea. I really enjoyed seeing this display.

Other Uses
by: Lisa Weber

Excellent idea! I have used an almost identical setup for my flat busts (great minds think alike!).

I also use the louver doors for my earring cards (they fold in half and slip right through the slots). I have done the same with shutters on my tables, they look great with the doors.

Good points: Earrings can pack well right on the doors, and set up in an instant. Just open the door, and you’re set! to protect earrings and keep them in place during travel, I close them over a quilted baby crib bumper for packing material. These are inexpensive at second hand shops, and make great padding.

Problems: even a light breeze lifts the back of the earring cards and sends them flying. Rain dampens the backs and ruins the cards. Card backs still take a beating during packing. Possible solutions: Use flat earring cards with clips on the back, which hold them in place and don’t soak up water or get crunched; staple heavy plastic sheet to the back to block wind and rain and protect during packing.

Lovered Display
by: Kaytee

How are these stabelized? It doesn’t look like you have any sort of bars on the top to keep the sections firmly in place.

My experience with accordian type displays is that they are easy to knock over, or fall over when filled unless there are stabelization bars to keep the legs spread “just so”, or have some sort of flared base support.

Base of board, cards, wind
by: Laurie Lynne

Hi! Lot’s of emails and comments-thanks!

to answer/help you: earring cards are folded so they “slide” into slots. My boards stand very well, due to the fact I’ve connected two together with a long hinge to create a “W”. In the outdoors, hidden bungee cords support them to my outdoor tent.

and sometimes, I don’t even use them-depends on my mood! I’ve repainted my folding boards a few times too! Fickle I guess, ha ha!

One more thing-I have to recommend NOT folding boards with jewelry on them while traveling, pack up each show, this also keeps your items from tarnishing.

thanks again for all of your comments! 🙂

Display idea
by: Diane Boehle

What a great idea! you did a great job, looks very inviting! i would stop and visit you! Have a wonderful holiday season, wish you much success!
Diane Boehler/Albuquerque, NM

Great Idea
by: Be-Dazzled Treasures

That look’s great. Would you believe that I used that same display with some old doors my husband found on a construction job? We also cut them down and used multiple sizes on table tops too.

by: Kelly Spangler

I am curious about what boards you used to display your jewelry?

how did you hang the boards and busts
by: Susie loves jewelry too

Hi, How did you hang the boards and busts. I have a kind of similar set up with a wrought iron room divider. I used Velcro but I know there must be nice hooks to use…anything you can share please email reply to susie.jewelry@gmail.com


by: Manomays

Wow, really cool idea of the backdrop.

Great work.


by: SuzieQ’s

Nice, Thanks for the wonderful idea!

Great travelling Companion!
by: Adrien

I have used your idea for earrings. I use those puff earring cards. They fit very nicely into the slots. I covered the backside of the louvered sections with heavy cardboard lined with a very thin sheet of foam (to be replaced by lighweight panel board in the near future) to prevent the cards from falling right through. I put 2 latches on the side opposite the hinges to ensure a secure closure. I find a thin piece of foam trapped between the two sides ensures the eariins travel securely and remain i place. (Unless of course when you open the doors when the unit is upside down which I have done!! )

by: Tori

Can you tell me how to attach the necklace display cards?

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  1. This reply is actually to Sharyn, I would love to see a pic of the V shaped channel nailed to a large flat base out of plywood. I’m trying to make something for indoor shows to stabilize my louver doors & having a tough time.

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