Jewelry Making Party Flyer

by Rena Klingenberg.

A jewelry making party flyer helps you spread the word and motivate people to sign up for hosting one of your events.

Here’s the flyer I created to advertise my jewelry making parties. (I know the text is a bit hard to read in this photo, so I’ve typed it out for you below the image):


The Text of This
Jewelry Making Party Flyer:

Make Your Own
Beautiful Gemstone Jewelry!
Fun Home Parties & Group Workshops for Bead Jewelry Making
(enticing jewelry photos at the left side)

You and your friends are the jewelry designers. . .

Choose from a huge variety of gemstone beads and design your own unique earrings, bracelets (stretch or clasp), anklets, pins, necklaces (choker length to ultra-long), and wineglass charms. Design one-of-a-kind jewelry to match your own wardrobe, or to give as gifts. And enjoy saying, “I made it myself!”
(enticing jewelry photos at the right side)

Lots of fun –

reasonable prices –

the latest styles –

and FREE jewelry for hostesses!

A guaranteed good time using your creativity. . .
and yes, you ARE creative!

The possibilities are endless.

Are you ready to get started?
For information or to schedule
a jewelry making party or group workshop, please contact

(your name)
Jewelry Art & Bead Workshops

email – phone number – website URL

Choosing Images for Your Flyer

I recommend using photos that represent projects your jewelry making party guests could realistically make themselves.

In fact, many people will just point to one of the photos on your flyer and say, “I want to make that!”

Also, consider showing jewelry items that have a bit of style or trendiness to them. People get excited about making stylish jewelry.

And depending on where you live, wine glass charms may be a popular project. I’ve had many people ask to make them at my parties, so I featured them on my jewelry making party flyer.

See Teaching Jewelry Making Workshops for info on planning and running your jewelry making parties and events, working with your jewelry making guests, and much more.

Rena Klingenberg


by: Kaley

It’s so great to have an example to work from. I never know what to say on this type of thing so this is a huge timesaver for me! Yours sounds fabulous. Thank you.

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