Jewelry Design to Fund a Non-Profit Organization – How to Find the Person to Pitch It to?

by Rashida Cotton.
(Macon, GA)

Jewelry Design to Fund a Non-Profit Organization - How to Find the Person to Pitch It to?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Hello all!

I have a jewelry design, and I want to use the profits from the design to help fund an organization to help abused children.

Does anyone know who I can pitch this design to? Thank you!

Rashida Cotton

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  1. Hi Rashida, do you have a specific organization in mind? If so, I would telephone the organization, and explain what you’d like to do for them – and then ask who would be the best person there for you to talk to about your idea. Also ask whether that person would prefer to be telephoned or emailed, and get their contact info.

    And if you haven’t seen my post on how to do this type of fundraiser, you may want to read it: Fundraiser Jewelry Shows.

    I’d love to hear how you do with this event, Rashida! Please keep us posted.

  2. I happen to work for a nonprofit so I can share a little insight. Most nonprofits hand a “Development Department” or Development Director” and they are responsible for the nonprofits Marketing & Fundraising.
    If you are going to fundraiser and donate the proceeds to them that is referred to as a “third party fundraiser.” While you obviously don’t need their permission to donate to them, you do need their permission to use their name or logo when you promote your sale. It is smart to know the right terms when you contact them, it will help you to get to the right person.

  3. Ann, thanks so much for sharing your insider insights – very helpful! 🙂

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