Jewelry Accounting

by Jane Petersen.
(Madison, WI)

Mookaite Necklace by Jane Petersen  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Has anyone ever used the Jewelry Designer Manager or other software for tracking supplies and sales?

I use an Excel program, but it has its limitations plus I have no record of what finished product I’ve sold.

This program, from what I’ve discerned from their website, uses photos. Is it easy to load photos, mark them sold, etc.?

This is my third year of selling jewelry, and I’m finally getting a grip on how I want my display to look, what types of beads I want to use, and that I need to track things better than I already do. Any advice would be appreciated.

Jane Petersen
Happy Soul Designs

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  1. I use Jewelry Designer Manager and it really helps me be more organized with the record keeping. I don’t by any means push this program to its limits. I just do the basic functions. The hardest part is being responsible about entering new things as soon as I have them. You don’t want to get behind on entering your data or it can get overwhelming or you could accidently omit to enter something.

  2. CraftMaker Pro is a very good software to keep track of your inventory and images. I have not had the time to put it to its complete use, but I have experimented with it and have found it to do a great deal.

  3. I use BeadManagerPro and really like it. It’s a real bore to enter in all your stock at the beginning, but once you’ve done it it really pays off. It’s v good to keep track of inventory and to price up finished work – it works out your hourly rate to include things like depreciation and marketing costs as well as your time. I’d say that’s the biggest plus – working out what a wholesale/retail price should be. (Of course, you can adjust it to whatever % you want). You can also use it to produce catalogues and line sheets for selling to retailers. There are other functions, but I don’t use them. They’ve also been really quick to answer queries. The other point is to look at what computer system you use – I use a mac, but some programmes don’t work with them.

  4. I love Jewelry Designer Manager! It IS a big bother to get it set up, and it can take time to keep it set with entering all purchases and then entering all parts that go into a piece, but it helps me with pricing, customer tracking, accounting for shows and historical record keeping. Barbara Carleton (hope I spelled that right) the owner of JDM, is wonderful, helpful and is continually improving her product(s). Start with a lower level of JDM and I can almost guarantee that you’ll want to upgrade as you get used to using it. (And, really, I’m not on their payroll… I tried several different products even after setting up JDM, and I haven’t found anything that works better for me.)

  5. Deborah Blake says:

    As a beginner, what would be the cheapest way and program? I’m using a notebook and pencil.

  6. Thanks for asking, Deborah! If you’re using a pencil and notebook system, see the comments below this post: How to Keep Track of the Cost of Goods Sold – you’ll find some excellent tips for keeping good records. 🙂

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