Copper and Ocean Jasper Statement Necklace

by Diana Stiles.
(Amherst, MA)

Copper and Ocean Jasper Statement Necklace by Diana Stiles  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Copper Statement Necklace

I hand cut thin copper tubing into small spacers and forged heavy copper pipe, applying a natural fume patina of turquoise and brown speckle.

Likewise, I used my home made patina on copper washers; using two washers and a toggle clasp allows the necklace to be worn in two lengths.

Stones are ocean jasper. Additional copper, shell, and cut glass beads add a refined sparkle.

In August my piece won a prize at a local agricultural fair in Heath, MA.

While my proclivity is to red, yellow, and orange in my copper designs, I stretched my color palette to blue this time around and couldn’t be happier with the result.

My photo also shows copper earrings I designed and made to complement the necklace, or for wearing on their own!

Diana Stiles
Diana Stiles Designs

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