How to Make Hemp Bracelets – a Tutorial

by Rena Klingenberg.

How to Make Hemp Bracelets Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

How to make hemp bracelets with beads and crochet chain stitch.

How to make hemp bracelets with beads and crochet chain stitch.

Here’s how to make hemp bracelets with a sparkle of beads and the simplest of crochet stitches – the chain stitch.

These are so fast and easy to make – and it’s a really fun way to play with color combinations!

This is also a very cheap project, costing me less than $1 each to make.

I made my bracelets with a button-and-loop clasp – but you can also use a large bead, a hook, or other jewelry clasp instead of a button. You might also decide to simply tie the ends of your bracelet together after you’ve wound it around and around your wrist.

Teens and pre-teens love to learn how to make hemp bracelets and other jewelry crafts like this.

This project is perfect for a young person to make several of, as gifts for friends and family.


(In this tutorial, I’m making the pinkish-lavender bracelet shown above, at the far right.)


Here’s what you’ll need:

    • An approximately 15-foot (4.6 meter) strand of hemp cord (20-lb size) for a bracelet that wraps around your wrist 5 times. Or a longer piece of hemp if you want to make a bracelet with more wraps.
    • Beads with holes large enough for your hemp cord to pass through. In this tutorial I used a size 6/0 bead mix from Bead Treasures, in a color combo called “Birds of a Feather”. (Purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby.) I used about 80 beads for this 5-wrap bracelet.
    • Whatever you’d like to use for a clasp – I used a 2-hole button, about 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) in diameter.
    • Ordinary white glue, to keep your cord end from fraying while you’re stringing your beads.
    • Crochet hook – I used size “D” (UK size 10; metric size 3.25 mm) for this size of hemp cord.
    • Ruler.
  • Scissors.

How to Make Hemp Bracelets

First we’re going to make the tip of our cord stiff enough to string beads onto it easily without fraying.

So squeeze a dab of ordinary white glue onto the tip of your finger:


. . . and then use your fingers to coat the first few inches (cms) of your hemp cord with the glue:


The glue will air-dry pretty quickly, but you can use a hair dryer to get it dry in less than a minute.

You’re going to string all of the beads you’ll be using before you start crocheting.

It’s better to string more beads than you think you’ll need; you can easily remove any excess strung beads off the back end of your cord when you’ve finished crocheting.

So as soon as the glue on your cord is dry, you can start stringing beads onto the cord:


Here’s approximately what you’ll have when you’re done stringing your beads:


Now thread your hemp cord up through one hole of your button, and down through its other hole:


. . . then turn the button over and tie a couple of knots in your hemp cord, on the underside of the button:


Now we’re going to start crocheting.

I find it’s best for this project if you crochet kind of loosely, so your finished bracelet will be soft and flexible.

If you tend to crochet tightly, you may want to use a larger crochet hook.

Take the long end of your hemp cord, and curve it into a little loop right next to the knots you just tied at the underside of your button:


. . . and then insert your crochet hook through this loop, and use the hook to pull the long end of your cord through your loop:


Tighten the loop, sliding it down against the knots you tied at the back of your button.

You’ve just made the first chain stitch of this bracelet.

Your crochet hook should still be inserted in the second loop you just formed when you pulled the long end of your cord through your first loop.

If necessary, pull gently on the long end of your hemp cord to adjust this second loop so that it’s just slightly loose around your crochet hook.

Now use your hook to pull the long end of your cord through this second loop, to make a second chain stitch.

Make a total of 3 chain stitches:


. . . and then slide your first bead up your hemp cord next to the chain stitch you just finished, and just include this bead in your next chain stitch:


Easy-peasy, right?

Now continue chain-stitching – adding a bead into every second stitch (1 stitch without a bead, 1 stitch with a bead) until your chain reaches your desired length.

For my design in this How to Make Hemp Bracelets tutorial, the chain is about 34 inches (86.3 cm):


Now you’re going to make a few more chain stitches without beads, to make the loop that your button will go through to fasten your bracelet.

I made about 8 chain stitches after my last bead:


. . . and then curved those beadless chain stitches into a loop, to test whether my button would fit through this loop:


When your beadless chain end is the right length for the loop, leave your crochet hook in the last chain loop, and also insert the hook through the last bead stitch of your bracelet:


. . . then use your hook to pull the long end of your hemp cord through both loops you now have on your crochet hook.

Make one final chain stitch after that, and then pull up a big loop. Use your scissors to cut off your hemp cord in the middle of this loop:


Now be sure to pull tightly on this newly-cut end hemp cord at the end of your bracelet, to make a nice tight knot.

To hide this hemp cord “tail”, use your crochet hook to weave this cut end back through some of your bead crochet stitches.

Then do the same thing to weave the hemp cord tail at the button end of your bracelet into your bead crochet chain.

You’re finished! And that’s how to make hemp bracelets with beads and a super-easy crochet stitch.


Wearing Your Wrapped Hemp Bracelet

Simply wind your crocheted, beaded hemp strand around your wrist as many times as possible.

Then pass the button end under half of the strands, and the loop end under the other half of the strands, so you can fasten your button clasp in the middle of your wrapped bracelet strands.

Then adjust the button so it sits nicely on top of the strands.

You can wear the button on the top of your wrist as decorative focal point, or on the inside of your wrist as a clasp.

Now slide a finger from your other hand under all of the strands, to pull the strands to an even tension around your wrist. If I don’t do this, I tend to have some tight strands and some loose ones in my wrap.

If you enjoyed this How to Make Hemp Bracelets tutorial, please share it with your friends, using the “share” box at the bottom of this page.

Thank you!


Ideas for Variations
by: Rena

    • Use a variety of bead sizes – as long as your hemp cord will pass through the bead holes. I found that many wooden beads (which I scattered into the brown bracelet shown at the far left at the top of this page) tend to have large enough holes, and are a good match for hemp projects.
    • As I mentioned earlier, try other types of clasps – such as a large bead, handmade hook or toggle, lobster clasp, etc.
    • Try crocheting the beads into more (or fewer) of the chain stitches.
    • Experiment with crocheting small charms, drilled shells, coins with holes, or other items into your beaded strand.
    • Vary the length of your bracelet to make more or less wraps.
  • Make a more masculine version of this bracelet with black or earth-tone hemp and a smaller number of beads that are rugged or rustic.

by: veronique yip
i like this a lot i’ll give it a try although i’m not that good at crochet , it seems fun and easy and the way you explain it makes it easier , really love what you do …THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS LOVELY WEBSITE!!!

Thank you, Veronique!
by: Rena

Thank you so much for your kind words, Veronique! That means a lot to me!

Don’t worry about not being a crochet expert – this is really easy, just chain stitch. In fact, I think this would be a good first project for someone who had never crocheted before.

And it’s a very “forgiving” project. Even if your stitches are uneven, no one will be able to tell when you’ve got the bracelet wrapped around your wrist!

How to Make Hemp Bracelets
by: Purle Slug Glass Art LLC

I love this and it sounds so simple. Not to mention, FUN! I will try it using the beads that Janae and I make. Can’t wait to give it a try.

Sonja and Janae

Teens would love this!
by: Lynda Carson

Thanks so much, Rena. This is a perfect project for a new teen jewelry workshop at our library. And for the adults too! I can picture an intergenerational setting with those older folks experienced in crochet teach the teens this technique. They just might get ‘hooked’ on it!

hemp bracelets
by: Kate

Rena this is a brilliant tuurial. I also run a knitting club (on the side)lol. I would love to send this to our crocheting members. They are looking for inspiration every where and i think you have a good one. Thanks very much for sharing.

Sonja & Janae
by: Rena

Ladies, I think your handmade beads would be wonderful in this project. I think you’ll have so much fun with your color scheme! Hope you’ll post some of your results – would love to see your beads used with hemp.

by: Rena

Thanks so much, Lynda!

Oh, fantastic – I would be honored to have this idea used as a teen jewelry workshop. And I so love the idea of the experienced crocheters working together with the younger generation to create something beautiful, fun, and wearable!

by: Rena

Thank you Kate! I love the idea of your crocheters creating jewelry from this. I bet a lot of them will come up with their own wonderfully creative twists to take their hemp bracelets above and beyond!

by: Carolina Gonzalez

I love crocheting, so I’m making my own version of this – thanks for the inspiration! You never fail to inform, inspire and entertain, even after so many issues of the newsletter!!!!

by: Bernadine

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look!!!! I will be trying this tonight!! Thank You for sharing!

just in time!
by: Deb Wolf

My daughter’s Women’s Ministry is looking for a craft to do at their next event, which would cost under $1 per woman. The ladies are going to love this!

Crotching and Beading!
by: Anonymous

I have been crotcheting since I was a young girl and recently started beading, I am so excited about combining the two!

Hemp Bracelet
by: Judy Anderson

I love this. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Great idea for kids!
by: GlasstasticTreasures

This is great, I can’t wait to show my grand daughter. She just started to crochet and she’s been making and selling wire wrapped bird nest pendants to earn money this summer. She loves jewelry making!

And the wrap around style is pretty popular. I need to get some cool beads now! She’ll have a blast making these.

Variations on a theme
by: Nancy

Hi Rena,

This is a fabulous idea for young jewelry artists and older ones, too.

I used to do something similar with children in summer camp when I was still teaching in elementary school. We used rug yarn instead of hemp. (It was less expensive.)

First we would “finger crochet” three chains each long enough to go around the wrist with extra yarn at the beginning and the end to tie it.

Next step was to tie one end of each chain together in a knot. We used a fringing knot.

The chains were then braided together and finish off with another fringing knot. The loose tails were used to tie the bracelet around the wrist.

The students chose what ever color or colors they wanted to use. The chains could all be one color or three separate colors. We called them Friendship Bracelets.

I made these bracelets with children as young as 7 years. It was an inexpensive and easy project and one they could be proud of because they did all of the work.

crochet bracelets
by: Carol

I recently made something similar with 1mm leather cord and wooden beads. I’ll try the hemp for a variation.

How to make Hemp
by: designs by Love

These are unique and the colors are vivid and beautiful!
thanks again Rena

Looks fun!!
by: Wendy

Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve seen these in stores and wondered how to make them. I can’t wait to try the technique and add my own twists!

How to Make Hemp Bracelets Tutorial
by: Rena

Thanks so much, everyone, for your lovely feedback!

I’m so glad to hear about your interesting ways of using this project for teaching, sharing, getting younger generations started crocheting, and going above and beyond with your own embellishments to it!

It also occurred to me that these bracelets could be a good project for an elderly parent to make. Awhile back we had a discussion about jewelry business while caring for aging parents – and I think making crocheted hemp bracelets might be a project that some of these parents would really enjoy doing.

You could put all the supplies in a tray that has sides (like a standard plastic jewelry display tray), so the beads wouldn’t run away, and your loved one could crochet away. Creating and feeling useful could be a true blessing to these parents.

Thanks again, all, for your great ideas for this project!

Great Idea
by: Just Jaime

I’ve never seen this before and it looks so cool!

by: jess@ the balanced libra

cute! great tutorial!
by: Laura Ingalls Gunn

What an adorable DIY project! Thank you so much for sharing.

Happy Monday!

Great job!
by: Shona

Love this! Great idea and endless possible bead/color combinations! Thanks so much for sharing!

Very pretty
by: SouthernScraps

These are very pretty with the beads! Thanks for the tutorial.

love these
by: Mama Thompson

These are so cute…I have the perfect group of girls to make these with. Thanks for the great tutorial.

by: Anonymous

I wanna do this! My crocheting is usually kinda loose anyway, at last a way to make that work for me. Thanks.

Hemp Bracelets
by: Pat

Nice tutorial. I’m going to send it to my granddaughter – she’ll love making those bracelets!

Another great look
by: BeColorful

Another great post from you. I am so totally motivated. πŸ™‚ Now to go shopping for the supplies and block off a bit of me time. πŸ™‚ Thanks again for linking this to Motivated Monday at BeColorful

Hemp Bracelets

A wonderful project for a Pink kind of Saturday afternoon!Thanks for sharing. I hope you can join Design Gives Back blog party the week of August 12th-18th for a story to warm your heart!HPS!-Sher

by: swatson217

These directions are fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Made my first bracelet today in about 45 min. πŸ™‚

Thank you for the tutorial and link-up
by: Jenn Erickson/Rook No. 17

Beautiful the way you combine the beads with the crochet! I love the button embellishment as well.


by: Nissa

This is an interesting idea. Love it! I also make jewelry!

hemp bracelet tutorial
by: PJ

I haven’t seen this idea before either and it is way too cool!!! Great Idea, thanks for sharing!

by: Allison

what a great tutorial on this! Beautiful bracelets! thank you for linking up to WWWW! I’m featuring your awesomeness today!

my version braccialet… thank you Rena!
by: Anonymous

Hello Rena, I left a comment a few days ago but not seen. Stefylu are in Italy and I found myself reading your blog Fully tutorial
(Http: / /
I wanted to tell you that your idea is very beautiful and I did my version:

Would you like to come and see? I will mention in this post, of course! I hope you will please!
Many thanks and good job!

Like iT
by: Malou

This is very interesting doing this at all is not my hobby but now I want to try it.

by: Carmen Carrillo


thank you Rena
by: Janis Evans

I think that you tutorial is great! I love the look of the bracelets and your instructions are very well written. With the pictures and your explanations I think that it would be hard to go wrong. I am going to give it a try. thanks again


by: Isangel

Hola, queria agradecer tu magnifico tutorial. Ya he hecho 2 pulseras y dos tobilleras, quedan preciosas. Gracias y besos

hemp bracelet

by: holly

Fun!! Whipped this out in no time!! Fun project. I am giving my 1st one as a gift. Great instructions. Thanks so very much!!


by: Kathy

sometimes it boggles my mind, why didn’t I think of the glue for the end , makes it so much easier. damn brain farts! lol

Love These

by: Cindy

I found you on pinterest and I love these bracelets so easy

Love These

by: Cindy

I found you on pinterest and I love these bracelets so easy

Love it

by: Brenda

Thank you much for sharing!


by: Beth J

Thanks for the clear and easy instructions. Great tutorial. I made several for stocking stuffers. I used crochet thread, one with only crystalsand another withall different size beads. If I wasn’t so technically challenged I would include a photo.
I think they all look great.Amazing thanks so much for your generosity in sharing this pattern.

Have a great new year! !

Fun and lovely πŸ™‚

by: Anonymous

Just made this with gold 5mm spacer beads and a gold button with dark blue hemp. It looks lovely.

hemping wonders

by: lydia

I am now starting to do some braiding and beaded work
Thank you for showing me the many stitches,I can use
Thanks and God bless you.

Thank you!

by: Anonymous

This is so nice of you to make πŸ™‚

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    I love these bracelets! They would make such cute summer bracelets for my family and friends. I think they would also be a darling beachy anklet! And I have so much hemp cord that I didn’t know what to do with, found a sale quite a while ago πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing!

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    Or, if you can’t quite figure out the stitch from my photos above, I’m sure you can find a YouTube video showing how to do the chain stitch.

    Alternatively, you could give the person a gift of the supplies to make this bracelet, along with the link to this tutorial here, so they can make it themselves.

    I hope this helps. πŸ™‚

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  34. Yay, Moogie! That’s wonderful to hear! I bet those colors you chose for your bracelet look fantastic. Thanks so much for letting me know! πŸ™‚

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