Handcrafted Broken China Bracelet

by Tammy.
(Brockville, Ontario, Canada)

Broken China Bracelet

Broken China Bracelet

These bracelets are made from broken teacups and saucers.

I find that it is easier to use saucers because the flat surface works much better for cutting my pieces. Also it is easier to find mismatched saucers. I hate to destroy a perfectly good teacup and saucer set, but if the teacup is missing and you just have a saucer left, then why not make it into a new jewelry design. This might have been a saucer that your Grandmother had left from her set!

I also use a strong magnetic clasp which is very popular with my customers. I do a lot of custom orders for this type of bracelet. Customers bring me their own china and I make a bracelet for them from their china. Great way to pass on these old teacups and saucers that no one seems to want!



Wonderful idea
by: Leigh

What a great way to recycle. There are many cups and saucers with fantastic colors and designs and you have found one of them.

by: Pauline

That is just brilliant. I’m still looking for that different something that I can create jewelery from!

Great idea hey!
by: Line

Great idea for the recycled china. Us Canadians are an inventive bunch, ey!

Thank You
by: Anonymous

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I am having so much fun working with the broken china! It is a lot of work but so fulfilling to do, especially the custom orders.

Love this Idea
by: Sharon

I could fall in love fast with this idea! I immediately thought about my Mom’s broken English Blue Willow China and how wonderful it would be to remember her by making bracelets from it. Thanks much.

by: WandyMama

These are so gorgeous!! Do you have a website so I can look at more of your beautiful bracelets? Where do you order your base bracelet from?

Website for Bracelets
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your lovely comments. My website is www.silverandchina.com.

So Lovely! <

by: Anonymous

So lovely, would love to share on our page www.facebook.com/GreatBritishTeaParty, hope you are in aTEAment!

facebook page

by: Anonymous



by: Anonymous

Just saw similar ( maybe they are yours!) jewelry pieces in a local shop in Burnstown. Do you do custom orders? I have hand-me- down cups and saucers I will never use… What a great way to honor my mother and grandmother and get use out of what they have given me.

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