Lucky Charm Bracelets

by Ana.


We came up with the idea of making Lucky Charms Bangles. At the time we had so many ideas that our biggest problem was which to choose. They had to fulfill three conditions: Have many Positive Lucky Charms, each one had to be an original model and ALL had to cause impact.


So we chose silver bangles, lots of Turkish Evil Eyes -which are believed to absorb bad energies and protect from all evil- and a myriad of Feng Shui symbols, each with a different meaning.

Peace symbols, Chinese Coins representing Good Fortune, Jamsas for Protection, Horseshoes, Cloverleaves and Elephants with their trunk pointing up for Good Luck, Destiny Trees, Cherries representing Abundance, Turtles for Wisdom, Buddhas for Serenity and many more.


All intertwined with Butterflies, Hearts and Dragonflies representing Nature, and Swarovski and Czech Crystals in many different colors.
These are the end result, hope you like them!




I love Lucky Charms
by: Anonymous

and I find these bracelets yummy too. Thanks for sharing.

Great & Fun bracelets
by: zoraida

These are lovely, colorful, playful and fun. Really cute too.

by: Ana

That was the idea, they put a smile on your face don’t they?

Dasi Glam Blog
by: Ana

You might like to visit our blog Dasi Glam, we wrote about Making Jewelry Now. 🙂

Continuous wire?
by: Fran

Are these continuous wire? Memory wire? I’m interested in knowing how you make these if you don’t mind sharing. I will also check out your site. Thank you for any help you can give a newbie.

by: Ana

Hi Fran, we have some pieces in wire too but in this case the bangles are already made silver plated bangles. All the charms are then placed on the bangles through silverplated or goldplated pins and rings, in different combinations.
You can make a similar version using a thick wire, with a knot also in wire were the ends meet and then secured with some kind of glue (I’m not in the US so I don’t know the brands) and then just attach the charms the way I explained above so that they dangle and have movement. Speaking of thick wire, when I say a knot, I really mean using the last part of the wire to circle the other end a few times, not a real knot of course.
We have new designs coming out shortly using this technique and we will make sure to post them here. Hope this helps and thank you for liking our bangles. Feel free to ask any more question if you wish I will answer them as soon as I can. Good luck!

These are great!
by: Elena

You jewelry is so fun! Quick question for ya, how did you photograph them? They look so clear! I’m looking for some help on photographing my pieces and I would love a tip from a pro like yourself!

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