How I Started My Jewelry Journey

by Karen Watson.
(United States)

Copper and Magnetic Hematite bracelet

When I was little, my Grandfather was what we now call a “dumpster diver”. He walked up and down the alleys, and collected wonderful, interesting things other people threw away.

I loved to take things apart to see how they were made; he encouraged that in me, as he was a talented carpenter, and Grandma was the ultimate seamstress.

Now, I see things, and in my mind, I can see how they were put together. For years, I would draw pictures of outfits I would like, and my mother, a talented seamstress, would find a way to make them happen.

So, when I started designing jewelry, it felt like a natural progression.

My youngest daughter is also an artist, and has promised me a specially designed bust, made of porcelain, and modeled on her own face, for me to use to display my jewelry pieces.

I’m very excited and have great anticipation about that. It will be featured in my website as soon as I get it.

When I was diagnosed with Lupus, I had already had a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia for several years. Stress affects my health negatively.

So, I will soon wrapping up my business doing case management for people with disabilities (which I love), and will make jewelry design my full time occupation.

Copper and Magnetic Hematite set

The pieces I am showing here are made from copper and magnetic hematite, for their pain relieving properties. I’m just learning how to take better pictures of my work. Future pictures will hopefully improve..

Karen Watson
K’s Crafts & Jewelry

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  1. Caron Lambert says:

    Good for you, Karen! As a chronic pain sufferer for 35 years and counting (auto accident), I know what a wonderful distraction jewelry making can be. It takes me somewhere else for awhile, it relieves stress, and allows me to let out my creative side which my work as a school secretary does not. Best of luck with everything!

  2. Amy Hunt says:

    Hi Karen, as a retired occupational therapist, specializing in pain mangrmt. I understand your pain and some of what you have gone through trying to get help and relief. Your jewelry work is right on target, and wonderful. Don’t forget to exercise to keep the blood flowing and the heart/brain working well for you. Exercise can be done in a chair also. :-). Keep up the good work. Never stop your passions as many as you may have.

  3. JewelieGirl says:

    I love your story! You are a very talented writer along with your artistry! I found this to be such an inspiration. The bust of your daughter is one of the most creative and sweet ideas I’ve ever heard! Pictures are one of the most challenging parts of selling jewelry to me also. I made a light box out of cardboard (big project) bought special daylight bulbs etc. However, natural light and placing my pieces on simple piece of colored paper or a swatch of leather turned out to be much simpler and much more professional. Good luck with everything!!

  4. Karen,
    Thank you for sharing your story. So many of us have had similar experiences including me. Three years ago I started falling backwards, flat on my back with zero warning, after every blood test, every imaging & biopsies, and hospitalizations, they never came up with a diagnosis. One morning I woke up with a vision to make jewelry, I said “Lord what in the world, I know nothing about this task”. I never even recognized folks wearing beaded jewelry before that morning and now, it’s my life. I LOVE making jewelry! I now know God led me to my craft for rehabilitation purposes, it worked! You are an inspiration…

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