How I Fell in Love with Fold Forming!

by Pamela Dudrow.
(In my dining room, kitchen, bedroom…! Woodsboro, MD)

Three-Dimensional Brass Pendant by Pamela Dudrow  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

3 Dimensional Brass Pendant

I’ve been making jewelry for over 15 years.

Up until that time I had been very active; riding horses professionally and participating in triathlons.

I was also a critical care nurse taking care of bariatric patients after their surgery in the PACU or Recovery Room. These patients are morbidly obese and have surgery that enables them to lose large amounts of weight. They may weigh upward of 500 pounds, and after surgery they’re asleep and unable to move themselves….

In the midst of this active lifestyle I injured my back and became disabled. Needless to say I was devastated.

Copper Pea Pod with Fresh Water Pearls Earrings by Pamela Dudrow  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Copper Pea Pod with Fresh Water Pearls Earrings

I began creating jewelry as a way to deal with my depression.

I began to look forward to my time at the bench and started creating jewelry to sell. My pieces were the usual stringing using beautiful stones and beads.

I was selling at craft shows but nothing sold online.

I needed to find a niche; something not too many other people were selling. I needed to stand out and be noticed!

The Ginko Leaf I Use as my Logo, by Pamela Dudrow  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

The Ginko Leaf I Use as my Logo

Finally, after 3 years of searching, I discovered my niche – and it was fold forming metal!

I picked up a book on my shelf that I had never read called Fold Forming by Charles Lewton-Brain. Through trial and many errors, I taught myself the technique!

And realized I’d discovered my niche! I only needed basic tools to get started; aviation shears to cut my metal from a sheet, a propane torch for annealing (“softening”) my metal, an anvil, and a few hammers!

Brass Heart Pendant with Addition of Raw Gemstones, by Pamela Dudrow  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Brass Heart Pendant with Addition of Raw Gemstones

Fold – hammer – anneal – open – repeat (lots!) The final result is always a surprise!

Pamela Dudrow
Refiner’s Fire by Jesco Jewelry

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  1. Elena Pérez says:

    precious works

  2. I’m glad you discovered jewelry making after your injury, Pamela. It’s such a therapeutic activity – good for the body and soul. Your artistry shows how much you resonate with fold forming, and your pieces are really interesting. And I love beautiful colors you achieve on your metal. Thanks for sharing your jewelry art with us!

  3. Catherine Franz says:

    Beautiful pieces. I look love fold forming.

  4. Natasha Burger says:

    fold forming… another technique on my bucket list of creative ideas! Lovely work

  5. Beautiful work! You have a special thing going on.

  6. Thank you all for adding such kind comments! It is a moral booster for sure when you offer validation of a process I enjoy so much! I hope you will all try it, and I recommend Charles Lewton-Brain’s fold forming bible, called Fold Forming; it’s not as intimidating as it might look! Have a wonderful day and know your comments are appreciated!

  7. Truly beautiful creations!! I love to see metal work of this kind and it is an aspect of jewelry making that I want to venture into at some point in time. Keep up the good work, awesome to see when people step into their niche and embrace it!!

  8. Thank you, Natasha, for your words of encouragement! I really hope you will venture into this path of metalworking! I know you will love the technique and results!

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