Homemade Busts

by Pauline.
(New Zealand)

I was preparing some jewelry for a local art exhibition for last Easter, but I hadn’t been happy with the previous way my work had been displayed.

At the Exhibition

At the Exhibition

This time I was very excited to find through Pinterest, a diagram for making cardboard busts. Unfortunately the website didn’t give suitable dimensions to copy from so I had to ask my husband to use his better drawing skills to create a freehand copy that I could work from.

It was trial and error to get the size right but it worked on my practice (but slightly flimsy) cardboard!

Test Shot of How it Looks.

Test Shot of How it Looks.

I went to an art shop and told the lovely lady what my plans were and she said the cardboard I had my hands on was exactly what I needed and that other’s have used it for similar projects.

Because I wasn’t going to be at the exhibition the whole time to keep an eye on the stability of it all, I added a little tab behind the bust so that I could secure it with blue tack to the table.

Blue Tack Tab and String.

Blue Tack Tab and String.

The whole look of my display was fantastic and I received a lot of positive feedback, and two sales!

Even better, at the end of the exhibition all I needed to do was undo the string at the back and I can store the busts on top of each other. They tuck away nicely on my shelf until next time.

Creative Combinations

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  1. Lovely display, Pauline! Displays that fold flat can be really convenient – especially for storing between shows. I like your clever tab that can secure the bust to the table. Your grouping of the black cardboard busts looks really nice – they let your necklaces be the star of the show.

    Also, if it helps, there’s a somewhat similar tutorial here on JMJ that includes measurements:
    Make a Necklace Display.

  2. Lyone says:

    What a great idea. Your pieces look so good on these displays. Thank you for including the photo from the back.

  3. Pauline says:

    Thank you Rena and Lyone. It sure makes a difference when you enjoy making the display, as well as the jewelry!

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