Helpful Item for Jewelry, Borrowed from Knitting and Crochet

by Dirah Bonnie Earnest.
(Martinez, CA)

I just wanted to share a helpful little item that knitters and crocheters use.

I found these little items so helpful with organizing or keeping in place in my chains for placing beads.

Jewelry Clip Tip, by Dirah Bonnie Earnest  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I have used these for my chains that are measured out to keep size together, keep toggles clipped, and so many other things I use for my jewelry making.

It is so amazing how a product made for one thing works for something else not intended. You can find these cheap on .

Dirah Bonnie Earnest
Dirah’s Hiden Treasures

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  1. Dirah, thanks so much for sharing this cool tip! I love using tools and supplies from other arts / crafts in jewelry making. Great ideas for using these little goodies.

  2. Colleen says:

    Hmmmm, I’m wondering if there is anyway these can be used in jewelry making as a clasp? Looking at the pic, I really can figure out the size. Any ideas on this?

  3. Would love to see some photos of how people have used these fun findings!

  4. Dianne H. says:

    I am just starting to use a tumbler and I have many small pieces I want to tumble and was thinking of using safety pins to hold them so it would be easier to fish them out at the end but your suggestion got me thinking. I have some knitting stitch holders that I don’t use anymore and they look like big safety pins so I am going to try those to hold the small pieces. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Dianne – I make tiny silver components for my jewellery and then tumble them. It used to take ages to then sort through the shot to discover my bits of silver. Now I thread my silver components onto a bit of old wire, twist the ends, pop into the tumbler and they all come out perfectly.

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