Help – How to Make Wire Jewelry with One Hand?

by Sue Corke.

Help - How to Make Wire Jewelry with One Hand?   - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I used to make wirework jewellery but had a stroke and lost my left hand.

Is there any way to do wire work with one hand?

I’ve tried a helping hand thing but am struggling with that.

Any help would be really appreciated. Many thanks.

Sue Corke

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  1. Hi Sue, my first thought for you is that you could use a wire jig. Clamp one end of your wire to the jig, and use your right hand to wrap the rest of your wire around the pegs on the jig to create your wire design.

    And if you can attach the jig to your worktable (like with a vise), and clamp one wire end to the jig, you may be able to make things like wire-wrapped loops around one of the pegs. After doing things like this, you might discover all sorts of other ways to use the jig for wire tasks that you used to do with different methods.

    Also, I just wanted to add that I’m so glad you’re continuing with your jewelry making, Sue! Please keep us posted on your progress! 🙂

  2. Hello Sue, I agree a vise would be the way to go, however, I believe if it had a foot pedal that would operate the opening and closing process should make it more functional. I applaud you for staying the course. Definitely, please keep us posted Sue, we are routing for you.

  3. Barbara Smith says:

    I am so glad that you want to continue to pursue your passion. I imagine you had some physical and occupational therapy after your stroke. Can you talk to your doctor about this and ask for a prescription for further therapy? I believe they could be very helpful. I had some hand surgery and am now facing carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. They have promised to help me to get back in action with my beaded jewelry.

  4. Blanche Nonken says:

    Dear Sue,

    Many cities in the US (and the rest of the world) have groups and communities of “Makers” – men, women, boys and girls who gather, sometimes in a rented space, to solve problems and build things, sometimes for the sheer joy of “Making” – inventing and creating.

    If there is such a group in your area, contacting the coordinator or facilitator with your challenge might yield results for a way you can continue your creating. Also any rock&gem shows might have local jewelry-making groups attending where someone with a similar challenge has found a solution that would work for you too.

    Good luck, and don’t quit!

  5. I would seek the advice of a professional occupational therapist.

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