Experiments In Mixed Media Jewelry

by Kirsty Waight.
(Cambridge, United Kingdom)

I began cutting petals and loved the shape of them layered up, and then built on the natural tone of the linen I was using with layers of soft pink ink.

mixed media floral necklace

The Secret Garden – a close up

Mixed with a fabulous blue silk that went a wonderful purple tone with the same pink ink I was really happy with the overall effect. I then stitched in some beautiful yellow tone stamen that my darling nana had brought back from Hong Kong when I was literally taking my first steps (so a very long time ago!!).

Dupioni Silk and Crystal Necklace

The Secret Garden Necklace

I built up the flowers on dupioni silk but they needed some sparkle so I created a waterfall effect of vintage Swarovski crystals and Czech cathedral beads to flow out from the bottom of the flowers between them and some hand dyed handmade bridal lace.

Rather a special necklace, but as I designed the chain to be detachable it would easily make a brooch or a hairpiece!

Kirsty Waight
Little Floating Craft Company
Little Floating Craft Co. on Facebook

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the soft color tones which could work year round.

  2. Kirsty, this is absolutely stunning!!! I love everything about it.

  3. Leslie says:

    Would you be willing to share how you stiffened your material so it stays in its shape? And is it waterproof so it wears well (rainproof perhaps?). I love this idea and different fabrics and materials from scrapbooking come to mind for wonderful necklace pieces. Beautiful work.

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