Do You Wear a Watch…

by Sharon Butcher.

In response to post: Do you wear a watch?

I use my phone, but here is what I do with old watches.

Do you wear a watch? by Sharon Butcher  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Repurposed watches

Sharon Butcher
The Wristbandit

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  1. Hi Sharon, my Grandmother loved to wear bracelet watches. She had dozens of them in colors to match every outfit she wore. And she would have loved your creative repurposed watch artistry! I like how each of your bracelet designs is completely different. A beautiful way to recycle.

  2. I don’t wear a watch anymore either. I now work at home, but when I worked in the corporate world my watch was on my wrist from the time I went to work until I got ready for bed at night.

    I think these repurposed watches are so beautiful. I have a number of old watches laying around, so I may need to try doing something like this.

    I looked at your Etsy shop, but you are on a short break there. I wish you the best success selling these.

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