Do It Yourself Jewelry Displays: Photos and Instructions

by Rebecca Compton.

I recently participated in my first craft fair, and after looking for the best jewelry display ideas. . . I created my own from items I already had around, with some help from Home Depot and AC Moore.

Here’s how I created my own do-it-yourself jewelry displays – including lots of photos!

Necklace display cards

Most of my “inspiration” was born from the fact that I live in a smallish apartment with ZERO storage space and have a smallish car. Huge, wieldy displays were not an option.

I also like things to be multi-purpose. So my jewelry display comes apart and stores most of the pieces in itself.

Here are the main components I used:

Queen-Sized Black Sheet

I went to a discount store and bought a set of sheets for $30, so I didn’t have as much choice. My sheet is also silky, which was a tad irritating due to snagging issues, but didn’t attract any dust or fuzzies, which was a HUGE bonus. The other set I’d looked at was already covered in fuzzies, so I quickly turned it down.

Two Wooden Crates

After looking around my apartment for ideas, my wooden crates caught my eye. I painted them black for this display. Upon further reflection, I’d recommend sanding them quite a bit, it snagged my tablecloth/sheet.

I think it looks nice, holds up the long wooden board, and raises the display to eye level.

It also displayed my jewelry cards – I create my own jewelry cards on Photoshop and attach each pendant to the card describing it.

When folded, it hangs nicely from the slats on the crate.

Long Wooden Board

This goes across the two crates. I did not attach them in any way, because the weight on top of it keeps it secure. I chose to use Modge Podge to decoupage pages ripped out of old and ruined books. It took a VERY long time to do, but it was an easy step to do while watching TV or something else rather mindless.

Necklace Display Board

This is attached to the long wooden board. To create it, I purchased another wooden board, which I covered in batting for padding and a silk lining from an ugly skirt (cheaper to recycle than buy new stuff!). They’re just stapled onto the back. Nails or pins hold necklace chains to display some necklaces.

I then took two small boards, that were also decoupaged with old book pages, and screwed them onto both ends.

Before attaching them, I drilled in 6 small holes. Each hole held a long and skinny dowel rod. I put it so that 2 were quite close together and attached those 2 with a dowel cap/bead. This is to hold more necklace cards.

It attaches to the long wooden board with two metal shelf brackets. I have only one screw on the metal board, so I can remove it easily when I need to.

Necklace Busts

I purchased these online. I really prefered the look of the bigger two, so I had them on the top (eye level) shelf. These were purchased from Display Importer.

The ones on the bottom were cheaper and fold up, but they didn’t look quite as professional. I’d still recommend them, though! I bought these at Monster Slayer. I also bought the hand and ring container from Display Importer.

Store Signs

I created the long sign on Photoshop. I bought the frame first, so I used its dimensions to create the sign. After it was complete, I tied and glued (just in case) a thick black ribbon to the frame. I then draped it across the table, tying it to the wooden crate handles. This had the ribbon running under the crates to help keep it in place.

For the tall sign, I painted two canvases. I wanted to have height to my display, but I must admit this may have been too tall. Very eye catching, though! 😉 This sign was attached to a black wooden board, which I then attached to my necklace board.

I also made two tall signs with pictures of my jewelry on it. I originally intended to attach hooks and hang mirrors from them, but I ran out of time. I still think they looked really nice and evened out the look of my display.

Other Details

I used metal trays to highlight other items on my display. There was also a bowl and cups for people to dig through to find lower priced keychains, pendants, and rings.

A cute metal saucer was used to display my business cards.

To give some extra height, I covered a small cardboard box in fabric (also can be used to transport light items, since I left it open at the bottom). A bamboo utensil holder was used for my earrings- I turned it upside-down and put a piece of cardboard covered with matching fabric on the top.

Overall, I think it worked out very nicely. I hope you’ve found it helpful!

Author Rebecca Compton of Get Wired Designs creates original, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Each piece is made by hand wrapping wire around unusual beads, shells, sea glass, and other interesting focal points. Custom orders welcome.

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  1. Your work is very beautiful and inspiring.

  2. Gorgeous. I love how you make things yourself or use things you already had.

  3. Wow, this is really useful!
    I’m participating in an art show this coming November, and had no idea what I could do for a display (my first art show was earlier this month, and let’s just say the display was less than satisfactory). This is exactly what I needed, thank you so much!
    Now all I need to do is get the supplies…

  4. Lynn Edwards says:

    I love the idea of decoupaging part of the display. Using book pages would encourage buyers to stay and browse even longer!

  5. Some great ideas! Lovely stall. Well done! 🙂

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