Designing New Jewelry with Odds & Ends

by Ann Widner.
(United States)

I’ve felt rather “in a slump” lately. In order to jump start my creativity and come up with some new ideas for my photo jewelry, I decided to give myself a challenge. I have lots of “spare parts” laying around, and I set my sights on creating some fun and different photo jewelry by using my collection of odds and ends and bits and pieces, rather than buying new.

Spirit of St. Louis Photo Pin

Spirit of St. Louis Photo Pin

The result — Two brooches which I pieced together using kilt pins, little pieces of extra chain, orphan photo bezels, miscellaneous connectors, and a few crystals.

This challenge of mine was lots of fun! I feel creative again and also feel proud that I made do with what I had. My favorite mantra is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt: “Do what you can with what you have right where you are.”

Blooming Photo Brooch

Blooming Photo Brooch

I know Old Teddy didn’t have kilt pins and photo jewelry in mind when he penned these words, but the spirit of his idea has sure helped to give my creativity new life.

Ann Widner
Little Visions Photo & Jewelry Art
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  1. Paula Hisel says:

    I LOVE these pins!! There is a really neat unity in the colors and the themes of the pins. And I love that you made the charms and beads so dangly. I’m a huge fan of the noise the little dangles make 🙂 Gorgeous!!

  2. Teddy’s quote is perfect! I love what you have done with these pieces!

  3. This is exactly why I keep bits and pieces on my worktable. If I put those odds and ends away, I would never find them again. I love what you did, and you inspire me to “clean” up my work table.

  4. Very nice! Love the vibrant colors in the flowers.

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