Decoupage Cuff Bracelet

by Arriel Goodwin.
(Charlotte, North Carolina,  USA)

I made this cuff bracelet using lightweight adjustable aluminum and french decoupage tissue paper. My designs are random and abstract, using a collage technique. I use Mod Podge and Glaze for sealing and glue. Using a UV heat lamp helps the pieces to dry evenly without creating bubbles.

Arriel Goodwin

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  1. This is a beautiful cuff, Arriel! I love the colours, and the pattern. You’ve done a beautiful job with the decoupage, too.

  2. So colourful and fresh!

  3. Hi! How gorgeous! I’m taking a mixed media class right now and will be doing decoupage with tissue paper, too…hope I can eventually make things as nice as your cuff!

    May I ask you where you get aluminum? I look for copper, brass, sheet metal, etc…but everything seems so very expensive, I’m wondering where I might find this…perhaps it’s a teeny bit cheaper. I’d appreciate whatever you’re willing to share!

  4. Oops could you email me of any answers? I didn’t see the box below, as I make my screens pretty large so I don’t need to wear my glasses!

  5. Lisa, I’m assuming you mean you want email notification if/when Arriel comes back to answer the questions you asked? If you haven’t already done this, just comment again and then check the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” box. You’ll get an email every time someone comments on this post.

    JMJ Content Specialist

  6. How beautiful these are! So fresh and colorful. I would love to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Arriel Goodwin says:

    Hi Everyone and thanks for your great comments! To respond to questions about my supplier(s), I use Beadwork Supplies, a small US-owned business. They have great stock, and the aluminum cuffs are recycled as well. They also sell copper and brass at a higher price. Here is the website if you’d like to order:

    Good luck with all your endeavors!

  8. Dear Arriel,
    Thank you so much for sharing that information with me. When I saw that you had an Etsy shop (which is STUNNING by the way) I wasn’t so sure you would. (Some Etsians are very willing while others aren’t- my own opinion is that there are so many PEOPLE in the world and so many Etsy shops, there is plenty of business to go around for all of us- lol if only the economy would improve!! So if ever there comes a time I can help you with anything that I may know, please feel free to convo me.)

    Which brings me to my LAST questions- could you tell me/us what you use to make them rounded- I’ve heard so many options, just curious what your own favorite is- I saw on the website link you gave me, a tool that can be used but not for brass…and more important, how you make these concave, where those outer edges seem to fold Up and Away from the wrist? THAT I have wracked my brain on and cannot seem to figure out. Whatever you’re comfortable answering…

    THANK YOU for sharing your work, which is really beautiful. And the link to that really wonderful website! How long have you been doing decoupage? This is obviously no beginner’s work! I’d like to make cuff bracelets in the nine Color Energy color schemes I use most (if you want to add any color energy or chakra info to your own descriptions-people look up those KWs- stop in my Etsy shop and feel free to “steal”…just don’t use the EXACT same wording, lol. I wish you the best in your success!


  9. Arriel Goodwin says:

    Lisa – to answer your question about rounded edges, the company I posted above lets the customer choose what kind of edges they want, either rounded or square. I always pick rounded but its really a personal choice. I just think it works better with very thin decoupage papers. Some people make their own from sheet metal but I still buy them pre-formed. Unfinished wood works well too. To answer your other question Lisa – I have only been doing this a few years. I think all artists and crafters find a niche. Everyone develops their own style as they develop their craft. I’m sure you will find yours too. Best of luck and glad to help! Arriel @ AriDesigns.

  10. Sue Shade says:

    What an awesome idea. I love the cuff.

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