Silver Washer Necklace

by Paula Hisel.
(Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA)

Silver Washer Necklace

I come from a family rich in maintenance men. My dad, grandpa, brother and uncle are all maintenance men and I’m a proud 3rd generation maintenance wife.

Royal Purple Washer Necklace

I’ve always been inspired by what they do so I wanted to find a way to honor them with my jewelry.

I created a line of jewelry made from hardware store finds–washers, door hinges, old keys, l brackets. I try to keep the designs simple in order to showcase the unique hardware elements.

The pendants in my necklaces are made from silver washers connected with jump rings to form a diamond pattern. They are accented by various crystals that give it a soft sparkly look.

Door Hinge Earrings

Paula Hisel
Simply Beadiful

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