Bronze Clay Link Bracelet

by Martha Anderson.

Bronze Clay Link Bracelet by Martha Anderson  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Bronze Clay Link Bracelet

Made entirely from Bronze Clay and Kiln Fired.

Each link was individually formed and then all joined together with bronze paste before firing.

After firing, the piece was burnished and then tumbled for maximum shine.

Bronze Clay Link Bracelet by Martha Anderson  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Handmade Bronze Clay Bracelet

I am enjoying learning about all metal clays.

I received a programmable kiln for Christmas and have been creating Bronze jewelry for the past two months.

I love bronze!

Martha Anderson
All Wired Up by Martha

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  1. A very cool bracelet, Martha! I think my favorite part is the fab texturing you added to the bronze links. Did you create the toggle clasp from metal clay too? It’s a perfect fastener for this bracelet.

  2. Oh, a fellow bronze lover! And it is so difficult to find many bronze beads & components. This is a great alternative. Make your own from bronze clay! Your bracelet is beautiful. I haven’t ventured into PMC but have found bronze wire. There’s also a wonderful artist on Etsy who works in bronze as well as brass & silver plate that she creates. Beautiful work Martha!

  3. Martha says:

    Thank you Rena! Yes, I made the toggle also. This was one of my first pieces of actual wearable jewelry in metal clay! I haven’t gone onto silver metal clay yet, I am sticking to bronze to master some of the techniques and it is so much more affordable than silver PMC! I love the feel and color of bronze metal clay, it is so warm and substantial feeling!

    Thank you Moogie! I just love working with the Bronze Metal Clay! I can experiment and make mistakes and it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg! I hope you get to try the Bronze Clay, you will love it!

  4. My wife Martha loves to work with Metal Clay and she makes vet Beautiful Jewelry.

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