Bermuda Pink Sand Pendant

by Christa Leduc.

bermuda sands in glass bottle pendant

Bermuda sand pendant wire-wrapped in 14K gold-filled wire

Bermuda has beautiful pink sand beaches which are very popular by our visitors that come to our shores.

When had my shop in Dockyard. I used to fill tiny glass bottles with our pink Bermuda sand and wire-wrapped them in sterling silver and 14K gold-fille wire.

pink bermuda sand in wire wrapped pendant

Bermuda sand pendant wire-wrapped in sterling silver

They became very popular with our tourists and locals alike. Now I have only a website but I still receive orders for these pendants.

wire wrapped pendant of bermuda pink sand

Bermuda sand pendant wire-wrapped in 14K gold-filled wire


Christa Leduc
CL Wire-art Jewellery
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  1. Diane says:

    What a wonderful idea! When I used to travel a lot (before I started making jewelry), I would put sand and other pieces of earth in film canisters. I could never think of a way to display or use them, so eventually, while clearing out before a big move, I threw them away and stopped collecting them. I sure wish I knew how to make something like this back then!

  2. These are beautiful! What a special souvenir for a tourist to bring home from their visit Bermuda. I love how the sand has bits of pink in it.

  3. Denise says:

    Where do you get the tiny glass bottles??

  4. These are wonderful & truly would add memories to a trip.

  5. These pendants are beautiful. They will make perfect birthday and Christmas presents for the females in my family. Thanks for showcasing them.

  6. Love those pendants! So pretty and such a great idea to always have the beach with you!

  7. Really lovely wirework! We have been fortunate to travel to Bermuda 4 times. I still have a large bottle that I filled with your gorgeous pink sand! My husband was stationed in Bermuda for 6 mos in the 1970’s, long before I met him. Of all the places he traveled, and there were many, Bermuda was the one place he wanted to take me to see. It really is a breathtaking Island, pictures, as pretty as they may be just cannot capture the beauty of the South Shore beaches. Oh! I want to go back….you lucky lady!

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