Autumn Jewelry in Polymer Clay

by Patti Underwood.

This is a polymer clay bangle, just perfect for autumn.

Polymer Clay Autumn Bangle by Patti Underwood  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Autumn bangle

As polymer is very light weight, this is a pleasure to wear.

The autumn colors would just about suit all fall outfits.

It is created around a regular soda can, which fits most women.

Two pairs of autumn earrings in polymer clay:

Polymer Clay Autumn Earrings by Patti Underwood  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Autumn earrings

Polymer Clay Autumn Earrings by Patti Underwood  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

More autumn earrings

And a fall necklace, also in polymer clay:

Polymer Clay Autumn Necklace by Patti Underwood  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Polymer necklace

Patti Underwood
Underwood Art

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  1. Thank you for sharing this artistic collection of Autumn jewelry, Patti! Your wonderful photos really show the textures in these pieces – and the expertise in your work. I love your attention to detail – such as the beautiful texture inside the bangle bracelet.

  2. I love the black ones! Quite striking!

  3. Amazing bracelet. Vibrant color!

  4. These are very pretty! Love the colors. Is polymer clay hard to work with? Another medium for my jewelry bucket list.

  5. It’s very, very easy to get started with polymer clay. The materials are not costly, and many tools can be found around the house. What’s hard is pushing to the next level and making original work! I would recommend joining a polymer clay group on Facebook, and doing a LOT of reading on The Blue Bottle Tree website. Ginger has the best collection of information about polymer clay anywhere!

  6. Pam McGuire says:

    Beautiful work! Clay is on my list of things to try.

  7. Catherine says:

    Very beautiful Patti! A month ago I got some polymer clay in different colors, I thought it would be nice to do this winter. Last week I found plain white air dry clay at Wal-Mart to practice shaping with until I used the colored ones you bake. It is addictive. I’ve been seeing one pendant in my mind that I would love to make, but not sure how to do it yet. Do you layer strips of a different color then cut out shapes of top layer to see next layer of color? I hope that’s not confusing. I wish I could stick to one thing, but I want to try it all!

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