Art Clay Silver Doves

by Anne Wallace.
(Dundee, Scotland, UK)

AWallace: Art Clay Silver Doves

I made this necklace and earring set from Art Clay Silver with pink baroque pearls.

I absolutely love working with silver clay especially when that shiny item appears after firing.

Anne Wallace

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  1. Lovely, Anne! A very nice jewelry set. And the pink baroque pearls are a perfect complement to the silver. Thank you for sharing these pieces with us!

  2. This is a beautiful set. I have always wanted to try my hand at clay, but I am too intimidated to spend all that money ( that I don’t have, haha ) on a kiln. I love the look of PMC silver and copper, but… Fabulous work. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi Anne,
    Your necklace set is really lovely and delicate looking and very pretty too. It’s nice to see something different which is simple and classy.

    BnB, I don’t have a kiln either (sadly!), but fire my art clay silver with a torch which is far cheaper, and faster too. As long as you fire it for long enough then it works fine. I made the mistake of not doing that the first time I used it, and the pendant broke in 2 when dropped, as it hadn’t fired right the way through. Not good! I’ve had no problems with it since though, I now always make sure I do fire for the recommended time.
    Coral xx

  4. Coral, thank you so much for letting me know!! This is definitely a game changer 🙂

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