Sweetheart Earrings

by Erinn LaMattery.

Sweetheart Earrings by Erinn LaMattery - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Off on a Whim\’s 2016 Valentine\’s Day Sweetheart Earrings Series

I wanted to get something together for Valentine’s Day 2016, but I don’t much like hearts.

However, I came across a design for this wire heart on Pinterest, and decided to spice it up a bit with some gemstones woven to the hearts and make them into earrings.

I wasn’t able to get them done in time for The Day, maybe next year I’ll be ahead of the game eh? I do love how they turned out, not too big, not too heavy, sweet little hearts.

I started with 20g copper wire cut into 5″ lengths, then folded it slightly off-center in half.

Then I used pliers to turn the edges inside, creating the heart.

Sweetheart Earrings by Erinn LaMattery  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Off on a Whim’s 2016 Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Earrings Series

Using 2mm gemstones and 26g. copper wire, I wrapped 3-4 stones on the edge of each heart, added a jump ring and ear wires, then tossed them into a patina (liver of sulfer) and an hour in the tumbler.

I had to polish them up a bit to bring out more of the copper shine, before I was happy with the finished product.

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Off on a Whim
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  • Thank you for sharing my post! I appreciate it, now I want to make more earrings!

  • You go, girl! Love to see what earrings you make next! đŸ™‚

  • Erinn, I love the enhancement of your hearts with the asymmetrical wired-on beads – they stand out as different from most heart jewelry. They’ll be a fun idea for next Valentine’s Day!

  • Joanne says:

    So simple… so cute! I love them.

  • Brincos says:

    Beautiful and sweet i love this blog have a lot of great ideias <3

  • Dawn says:

    You added stones before you did the patina and tumbler?? You used stones and not beads?

  • @Dawn: Yes, I used gemstones for these. Most are ok for the patina and tumbler, a few don’t come out so well, specifically angelite or mother of pearl, sometimes howlite. But the ones in these earrings were fine. I used:
    ruby in zoisite

    The blues ones are a glass bead.

  • @Rena, thank you!! I enjoy working with wire and exploring how to do things. One day I’ll make it up to soldering and stone setting, perhaps.

  • Catherine says:

    Errin, I love those! It is fun working with wire. I’m still new at making jewelry. I started with bracelets, but lately gravitated toward earrings. My Mom had some wire in her shed and I fiddled with it one night, but didn’t know how to close the ends so she bought me a soldering tool, but haven’t tried it yet…going to be fun! Keep up the good work, those earrings are awesome!

  • @Catherine, thank you for the lovely comment! I haven’t yet gotten to soldering myself, I’m more comfortable with fusing the metal together but it has its limitations. Hoping to challenge bezels soon!

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