Island Dream

by Alla P.
(New Jersey, USA)

I had this old gold plated leaf pendant for very long time. I kept it even after the bail broke and the pendant became unusable.

The rest was easy.

The rest was easy.

I guess, something was telling me that many years later I might have a notion of making my own jewelry :). I have only been making my jewelry for a couple of years, and every time this piece came into sight, I wanted do make something from it but had no idea what.

Until…..(drumrolls!!!)…of course, VACATION, CRUISE, Island visions, etc. With those colorful thoughts I was cleaning my work table from previous project, putting away some leftover Lucite flower beads, when my old broken leaf caught my eye.

New life to the old broken piece

New life to the old broken piece

And there it happened! Light Bulb moment!
This is first time ever I had a nerve to post my work, but something about this site and what Rena said about “not comparing yourself to others” gave me confidence. Thank you!

Alla P.

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