Boot Bracelets

by Val.
(Methuen, Massachusetts USA )

One of my favorite things about having a business is trying out new items. Will they be a success or a total flop?

Boot Bracelets

Chrysanthemum Stone and Celtic Knot Boot Bracelet

My newest venture is the boot bracelet. As a boot wearer myself from fall through spring, I love to add this accessory!

Turquiose Boot Bracelet

Turquoise and Heart Boot Bracelet

Fancy Jasper and Tree of Life Boot Bracelet

Fancy Jasper and Tree of Life Boot Bracelet

These are made in my signature style of a simple gemstone strand along with a charm accent for fun. It will be interesting to see how these do!

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  • Hi Val, I think this is a fabulous idea, and the boot bracelets are all lovely. Since boots are currently so popular I’m sure these will be a huge hit. What a great gift item! (And what boot-wearing chick wouldn’t need a whole wardrobe of these to go with her different outfits?) Thanks for sharing these – and please let us know how they do!

  • Sheila Meador says:

    Thanks for the boot bracelet idea. I experimented last weekend and made one for myself. My friends loved it! Great to create a new design and brighten up a rainy day!

  • Bob says:

    We have been making these boot bling for about a year now with small success. It just hasn’t caught on yet. Pretty, lots of compliments but not a lot of sales. My wife says there should be 2 per person but I think it should only be one. What’s your thoughts?
    Stone Grafix

    we will be in Troy NY this weekend at the Hudson Valley Community College

  • Denise says:

    I agree with you, I think a boot bracelet should only be worn on one boot not on both! Interesting idea! I am exhibiting my jewelry at a show soon, and since I am a boot wearer I think I will make myself a boot bracelet and see if it attracts any attention 🙂
    Good Luck with your idea.

  • Susan says:

    I can’t keep these! I started out making them for a friend’s daughters for a father daughter dance where they wore the cutest dresses with their boots; a huge hit! I am looking for some clever way to display them at Market without using a boot; really need to make some more for this weekend. Thanks for reminding me!

  • I also started making and selling “Boot Bling” here in Florida and it is just starting to catch on. We are just trend setters I guess. I have a picture of mine on facebook under Woodstone Jewelry. (couldn’t paste here?) I have gone more chunky and used lots of heavy chain.

  • Colleen says:

    Val…what a great idea!! Love the look of these boot bracelets!

  • Sheila Davis says:

    I made these years ago, but without much success…maybe I was ahead of my time!

  • Kathy Szmolke says:

    Susan, Maybe you could use a cut-out of a boot and display the boot bracelet on that. It wouldn’t take up much space, and you could be very creative with it!

  • coraNation says:

    Oh, man! I just made my first boot jewelry last night with chain. I’d thought about embellishing w/bead but didn’t want to over do it. I’ll prob. just add one bead and a tassel. Your boot bracelets are HOT!

  • Karen DeBlock says:

    Mine have been. I call them bootlets and make them with chain, charms and Swarovski dangles.

  • Faith says:

    I love this idea too. I would definitely only wear it on one boot but I would definitely stack more than one or purchase a double stranded one for that one boot. A contrasting chain along with that string of stone beads would be hot.

  • I started making boot bracelets right before Christmas since I met a lady at the San Jose airport who was wearing one, and she was very stylish. I have sold some. I only have a few left. Here is a link to mine in my shop: . The people I gave these to as gifts for Christmas have raved on about them and how people have complemented them on the boot bracelets. I will be making more for this fall.

  • Marilyn says:

    Yep, these are a big seller here in the West especially with rodeos going on. The girls/ladies love to have something sparkly and pretty so I do mine in crystal with a pendant in the front and clasp in the back so they can put them on any pair of boots they wear. From Southwestern to New York style they are very classy.

  • Jeanne Lyons says:

    “Bootlets” but I like “boot bling” as well. I too just started making them last year primarily using assorted large and/or decorative chain. On a couple I put a charm or stone as demos on one of my old boots and lay out an assortment of charms and stones for purchase to add to the chains. On some I include beads and/or crystals for the more delicate chains. Sales were hit or miss depending on the show – sometimes great and at others none sold. I couldn’t figure out any rhyme or reason for it. None of my 3 grown daughters were interested – they said it was too much work to put on and take off… so maybe there’s something in that, too. One’s in Florida, 1 in Houston, 1 in Indiana, and I’m in Wisconsin. I will be trying them again come September to see if they’re catching on.

  • Georgena says:

    They are a big hit in Deep South Texas. I make & sell them displayed on boots at Market Days & other shows I do. They have been well received. I wear them myself & I’m 68. Yes, one boot. I also make them for bikers boots. I wish there was a standard size but all boots are not equal.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with booth bracelets, Georgena! I can imagine they are a really big hit in South Texas! 🙂

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