Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial

by Rena Klingenberg.

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

This graceful Zen Spiral Bracelet is a wire bangle that’s fast and easy to make.

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

It’s a perfect companion for these pieces you can also make – Zen Spiral Pendant and Zen Spiral Earrings.

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg


  • 16-gauge round wire. Measure your wrist and add 4.5″ (11.43 cm) to find how much wire you’ll need.
    For example: a 7.5″ wrist + 4.5″ = a 12″ piece of wire.
  • Wire cutter (be sure to use a cutter that’s made for heavier gauges of wire, so you don’t ruin your best cutters).
  • Round nose pliers (again, be sure to use pliers that are made for heavier gauges of wire).
  • A file, cup burr, or knife sharpening stone for smoothing off the wire ends.
  • A round bracelet mandrel – or PVC pipe, soup can, or other hard, cylindrical object (I used an 8-ounce tomato sauce can).
  • Nylon or rawhide jewelry hammer.
  • Fine-tip Sharpie marker.

How to Make the
Zen Spiral Bracelet:

Cut your wire to the desired length:

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Use your cup bur, file, or knife-sharpening stone to smooth and round both ends of your wire:

Use your fine-tip marker to draw a mark 3″ (7.62 cm) from one end of your wire (later you’ll make the spiral on this end of the wire):

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Now use your marker to draw a mark 0.5″ (1.27 cm) from the other end of your wire (later you’ll make the hook clasp on this end of the wire):

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Wrap your wire around your bracelet mandrel (or tomato sauce can, in my case!).

You can also do a bit of hammering on the wire here, to work-harden it.

We want to get our wire to stay in the shape of a round bangle bracelet:

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Remove your wire from the mandrel.

Pull gently on the two wire ends to make the circle small enough that your two Sharpie marks line up – and they stay lined up when you let go of the wire:

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Now we’re going to make the hook clasp.

On the wire end where you drew a mark 0.5″ (1.27 cm) from the end, grasp the very tip of the wire in your round nose pliers.

Make a slight curve, curving away from the bracelet.

This will keep the hook from catching or snagging things while the bracelet’s being worn:

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Now use your round nose pliers to grasp your wire on the 0.5″ mark you drew.

Bend the wire end in the same direction as the curve you just made. Keep bending to make a nice hook:

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Now we’re going to make the spiral end of the bracelet.

On the wire end where you drew a mark 3″ (7.62 cm) from the end, use your fingers to straighten out the wire – beginning at the 3″ mark, out to the to the end of the wire.

The straighter this part of the wire is, the easier it will be to make a nice spiral:

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

If you’ve never made an open wire spiral (or have struggled to make one), watch my 3-minute video on How to Make an Open Wire Spiral.

Now grasp the end of the wire in your pliers and make a curve; this will be the center of your spiral:

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Move your pliers a tiny way down the wire, and make a tiny bend in the wire.

Keep moving your pliers along the wire in tiny steps, and make tiny bends in the wire as you go, to continue the open spiral:

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Continue to form your spiral until your 3″ Sharpie mark is at about this point on your spiral:

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Straighten and flatten your spiral if necessary.

You can also use your nylon or rawhide hammer to work-harden your spiral if it doesn’t feel sturdy enough.

Remove any remains of your Sharpie marks from the wire, using a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a scrap of paper towel.

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Enjoy your lovely new Zen Spiral bangle bracelet!

Zen Spiral Bracelet Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Zen Spiral Bracelet - tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

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  1. This is a pretty bracelet, Rena! And would look so nice worn with one of the other spiral pieces. I really like it in this colour of brass too.

  2. Bula Rena!

    This is so nice and easy – is it okay to make these to sell??

    Happy New Year!


  3. So pretty! It’s fun to see how you get such a perfect spiral.

  4. Very nice!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love this! So pretty and simple. Thanks for sharing. Ive pinned this for later. I also fixing to check out your wire ring tutorial.

  6. Lovely simple design. Nice, clear tutorial. Thanks

  7. S. Wilkerson says:


  8. Lovely! Pinning this.

  9. That is beautiful! You are very talented! Thank you for sharing it at SHOW-licious Craft Showcase!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  10. Love this simple design! So pretty!

  11. You make this look so easy. I have never been able to get the hang of making jewlery. I may need to try this. Thanks for sharing.

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  13. So lovely!!! Love the design! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! I’d love for you to visit my blog.
    Have a great Year!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  14. Hi Pat!

    Thank you so much for asking – all of my free tutorials I post on this website are for you to make these items to sell, to give, to wear yourself – to share and enjoy!

    Many of my free tutorials here are things that have sold well for me, or that I feel intuitively would be good sellers – so I hope you sell the jewelry you make from these tuts and that they sell like hotcakes!

    My only restriction is on the tutorial itself (the text and photos) – that it not be republished, copied, or sold.

  15. That is such a nice Simple and elegant braclet, it would go with so many different outfits as well.

  16. So pretty! I always like simple designs that best. I found you from Ginger Snaps.

  17. This is beautiful. I’d like to wear it on my upper arm with a sleeveless dress.

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  21. Rena, you are just genial. Measuring that length first and marking it like that. And then, hopla, bend it around a soup can! Why didn’t I think of that?!

  22. Beautiful, graceful curves — very Zen! Love it!

  23. Janice Williams says:

    I’m just learning to make jewelry. I really appreciate you sharing your skills and giving us tutorials! Thank you!

  24. camille says:

    Great tutorial!! I’ve also made the wire spiral pendant and wire ring, and also made another bracelet out of three large spirals linked together by two smaller ones. It’s really cool!

    One thing about this tutorial, though: 0.5″ = 1.27cm; 3.81cm = 1.5″, no?

    Also, for the makers:
    Don’t get discouraged if you need to make 2 or 3. The instructions are straightforward but keeping the shape, making a good, good spiral, and making sure the bracelet hooks together in a place where you’ll be able to take it on and off easily (or else you’ll have to re-shape it every time you wear it)—not as easy as it looks! I’m decently skilled with all this stuff, but it took me a couple of tries. I finally have an awesome finished product. Don’t give up! 🙂

  25. Oh! Thank you Camille, for correcting my error with the 0.5″ conversion to cm. I’ll blame it on my math dyslexia. 🙂
    Meanwhile, I’ll fix the numbers up above in the tutorial.

    Also, I’m happy to hear about your success in making the Zen Spiral collection of jewelry, and I so appreciate your additional tips for our fellow artists who are getting ready to do this tutorial.

    Thanks again, Camille! 🙂

  26. camille says:

    No problem!

    By the way: this evening I posted a short video to my fb page, showing the ring and bracelet. I gave the links to your tutorials and also explained where people could get the supplies locally (and how inexpensive it really is to do this stuff). So you may have a slew of new readers very soon!

    You are very generous to share all this info and your experience with everyone, Rena. It would take a LOT longer to make these projects if we had to go through the trial and error that you’ve already gone through for us. Thanks for takin’ one for the team!

    Cheers 🙂

  27. love the bracelet! you make it look so easy, but definitely a talent. found you through the creative monday blog hop 🙂

  28. BEAUTIFUL bracelet! and another wonderfully clear tutorial!

  29. Thanks for sharing. I am going to start wire crafts next. My supplies are arriving now.

  30. Pretty and simple. Great tutorial.

  31. These are so pretty, and so simple! I have some 16-gague wire right here, I want to make this today!! 😉

  32. This is soo pretty! I agree with Angie–this would look amazing up on the arm!

  33. This is so cute! I’m so glad you shared this tutorial!

  34. Such a beautiful bracelet!

  35. I love this beautifully simple piece of jewelry. Thanks for sharing how you made it!

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  43. Kendall says:

    This bracelet is so cute and simple! I love it! I’m going to go buy more wire today and try this one out! Rena, could you possibly make a tutorial for working with leather suede cord? I want to start using it and I would love to get tips from you on it!

  44. Maria says:

    Beautiful! Thank you Rena!

  45. Luz S. Urena says:

    Wow!! This bracelet is so beautiful!! I’m definitely making one for myself. Thanks so much Rena. Love your tutorials!!

  46. Thank you for your lovely comments!

  47. Dear Rena, loved the bracelet. I think I am going to try to either wire wrap or solder a piece of my sea glass to the circle. This will make a super base for adornment. Thanks for your newsletter and loved your social media book. Thanks again , CherylPerez

  48. Thank you, Cheryl, that’s lovely to hear! And I’d love to see how your sea glass bracelet turns out.

  49. So simple and cute! Thank you for this tutorial, I’ve been looking for ways to expand my jewelry-making skills. My wire just came in, so here goes!

  50. Sylvia Klein Klein Egelink says:

    Hi Rena, love the bracelet, I am gonna try to make one myself.
    Thanks for sharing this tutorial !

    Kind regards,
    Sylvia from Holland

  51. Thanks for sharing this tutorial! Love the bracelet and spiral!

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