Upcycled Spoon Racks

by Debra Procter.
(Brantford, Ontario, Canada)

I bought my first spoon rack case at a thrift store when I was looking for shelving for my shop.

Repurposed spoon rack

Repurposed spoon rack

I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it to display my jewellery but couldn’t resist it! I came across the little wire Christmas ornament hooks and knew just what to do.

Ornament hooks with a twist

Ornament hooks with a twist

In the shop the large case was mounted on the wall but now I use it on my table at shows. It’s very stable with the glass doors open & I can hang necklaces on them.

Smaller version used at Clover & Chrysalis in Cambridge, ON

Smaller version used at Clover & Chrysalis in Cambridge, ON

I later found a smaller version that is being used in another shop where my jewellery is sold.

Debra Procter
LunaLeaf Studio on Facebook

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  1. This is a stroke of genius! People are not collecting souvenirs as they did once upon a time, so repurpose the box and make it easy to transport. Bravo Debra.


  2. Great find, Debra, and fantastic repurposing idea! The ornament hooks look like vine tendrils growing out of your Luna Leaf jewelry cards – a lovely effect. The cases feel like vintage cabinets, and they go nicely with the style of your Luna Ladies. Thanks so much for sharing your charming displays with us!

  3. Wow…love this idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m having a hard time with displaying my jewelry. Right now I’m trying out a picture frame with peg board and L brackets on the back for legs. BUT that keeps me from using the space in front of the frame. Maybe it’s time to edit how much I bring. 🙀

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