Thai Dreams Necklace with Real Orchid Pendant

by Sarah.
(Alberta, Canada)


I fell in love with preserved orchids and love to use them as the focal point in necklaces. This orchid has beautiful shimmering colors fading from a creamy, buttery yellow to soft petal pink.


I chose the fresh daffodil yellow top drilled freshwater pearls, petal pink mother of pearl nuggets, rose Swarovski Crystals and a matching sterling silver leaf toggle clasp to complement the orchid.



Preserved orchid jewelry
by: Rena

This orchid makes a gorgeous jewelry component, Sarah – an elegant bit of nature.

I absolutely love the delicate colors that create the beaded strand. Beautiful!

by: Sarah

Thanks Rena! I’m still working on my photography skills, the colors are even prettier in person. Also want to thank you for such a wonderful site with so many helpful resources.

Where to get orchids?
by: Sezzy

Hi there, what an unusual & lovely necklace.
I really am amazed at the idea of a preserved 3D flower being used in jewellery.
I have never seen anything like it before.
Would you be able to tell me a little bit more about them, and where you got them from please.

Where to buy…
by: Sarah

Hi Sezzy! The orchids are hand picked in Thailand and perserved in a clear resin. They come in all different sizes and colors and have a little bail on the back with four holes so you can hang it any way you like. You can also get leaves, daisy’s, mums, tiny cedar branches too. I order mine from Fire Mountain Gems. Check under the catagories components or search orchid.
Hope that helps!


What Kind of resin and mold
by: Jennifer

what kind of resin are you useing? where can I buy it, do you dry the flowers first and do you use a mold..Thank you so much for your feed back!

How to Dry Orchids???

by: Beth

I love your Orchid Pendant. Such a beautiful delicate pink color! I have been trying to dry orchids my self and I cant seem to do it and keep the color. Can you give me any ideas? I have been using Silica Gel. If I leave it in there for more than 5 days the colors start to run and disappear. If I pull it out before it is not dry. What can I do to preserve my Orchids with their color like you?? Thanks!!


by: Sarah Reid

I wish I had time to grow and preserve my own flowers! I order mine pre done. They come from fire mountain gems but I’m sure you can find them with other suppliers too.

Orchid /Resin

by: Beth

Thank you so much for your feedback!!!! I will check out Fire Mountain. I recently purchased clear polyester casting resin made by Castin’ Craft. The lady at the store told me this will be too thick and will ruin the flower. Is this the product you use? Should I use acetone to thin the resin? Do you dip the flowers or paint coats or resin? I look forward to hearing back from you! Thanks again for your willingness to share your knowledge on this matter!!


by: Sarah Reid

I would search different types of resin. I know there are quite a few available out there depending on what you need it for. I found quite a few different kinds by searching through supplies on Etsy.

I know sometimes the orchids are enhanced with paint prior to resin coating. Sometimes paint with a subtle frost to it to give it a bit more dimension.

The only other thing I could suggest would be to experiment with a thinner resin and the flowers themselves. Sometimes the best ideas and designs come by chance.

Good Luck 🙂


by: Beth

Thanks for your help! 🙂

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  1. Colleen says:

    Sarah that is gorgeous! Was that orchid at one point a live one?! Now that’s something I’d love to learn how to do. Hint, hint, maybe we could see a tutorial on how this is done? Absolutely stunning!

  2. OOOoo this is so beautiful and something I wondered about learning several years ago! Ditto what Colleen says about a tute? Hugs, Kathy

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