Temple Labradorite Pendant

by Barbara B. Jacquin.
(Uzes in the south of France)

Temple Labradorite Pendant by Barbara Jacquin  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Always on the lookout for ideas for unique settings, I was inspired by a travel catalogue photo of a temple in Thailand.

It was a little tricky to saw out the detail but in the end I was pleased with the result.

My labradorite seems to be happy sitting there. I love this stone!

Barbara B. Jacquin
Barbara’s Bijoux

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  1. I love the unique setting you created for this labradorite, Barbara! And great job interpreting the temple photo into a pendant design. It’s a gorgeous piece, and an excellent photo of the lab’s blue flash!

  2. Thanks. Finding the perfect stone is one thing but capturing its flash is a whole ‘nuther thing. I finally got this one in direct sunlight, turning the stone until it flashed me!

  3. Catherine says:

    Beautiful! Would like to see/know what type of bail you used?

  4. Barbara, this is absolutely gorgeous! Labradorite is one of my very favorite gemstones and your handcrafted setting sets it off perfectly. I also like how you showcased it alone on a simple but pretty chain. It is certainly the star of the necklace! Great work!

  5. With the help of Mother Nature! The bail is a very simple ring soldered onto the back. You gals are so encouraging!

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