Spring and Autumn Sun Catchers

by Nancy Vaughan.
(San Diego, CA)

I wanted to make a Summer tree sun catcher but I hit a snag trying to find a variety of transparent greens in chips. Beads are too smooth and uniform to make the irregular shapes I want.

So on to the next season. Spring was much easier to make.

Spring Tree of Life Suncatcher by Nancy Vaughan  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Spring Tree of Life Suncatcher

Peridot leaves and red glass drop flowers and a few deep green Czech rondelles to add a bit of variety in the green.

Then on to Fall. Chips in autumn colors were probably the easiest to find.

Autumn Tree of Life Suncatcher by Nancy Vaughan  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Autumn Tree of Life Suncatcher

Natural carnelian chips come in a nice variety of autumn colors.

Throw in some golden glass chips, citrine, some garnet and a touch of peridot and you have autumn in all of its glory.

I now have three of the four seasons and maybe some day I’ll have a summer Tree of Life sun catcher.

Nancy Vaughan
Wicked Wire Works

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  1. Great colors for the seasons they depict, Nancy! The Autumn one also makes me think of candy corns. 🙂 I’ll enjoy seeing the Summer version when you find the right beads for it.

  2. Mary Anne says:

    These are oh so GORGEOUS Nancy! Love the attention to details.

  3. Hi Nancy, what a coincidence, I have just made my first tree suncatcher as a Christmas present! I actually decided on a spring theme and thought of blossoms so used rose quartz with some light peridot scattered in there – maybe you can change your current spring look to summer and use blossoms for spring? Or I saw some peridot chips that were quite a bit darker in colour that would be a gorgeous full leafed summer tree. The only other transparent green chips I came across were cats eyes but even though they were labelled as chips they were too uniform in shape for my liking, but I did only look at a couple of suppliers when I was shopping so you might have better luck in that direction. I hope you post your next suncatcher when you find the ideal chips, I would love to see it :o)

  4. I had good luck finding stone chips on Ebay.

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