Sources for Higher Quality Jewelry Findings?

by Leslie Hirschberg.
(Rancho Mirage, CA)

Sources for Higher Quality Jewelry Findings?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I would like to know a source for better quality findings, such as ribbon ends, than the usual large jewelry manufacturers.

Anyone know how to find findings made for commercial use?


Leslie Hirschberg

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  1. Leslie, have you tried an online search for “wholesale ribbon ends”?

    Also, I sometimes source hard-to-find jewelry elements at Etsy or Zibbet.

    And you may want to read through the comments below this post here on JMJ: Finding Suppliers of Rare Components. You’ll find lots of insights in that discussion that may help you!

    Good luck, and let us know how your search goes! 🙂

  2. Have you tried Rio Grande?

  3. Rio Grande
    Kamal Trading Co.

  4. Deb Beechy says:

    I usually use or vintage jewelry

  5. you can order in bulk just remember it is coming from China …and pay attention to reviews on product to make sure they aren’t mainlining other reviews for a similar product to give it a rating:)

  6. I also like Rio Grande (usually need to buy in bulk) & Vintage Jewelry Supply (wonderful brass filigree way less expensive than the big “V”!). And I think Tierracast (USA) makes wonderful, sturdy, well-plated materials for jewelry. I get all of mine from Lima Beads. They have great prices, especially when on sale (a new sale every Sunday!). They are also a great source for higher quality gemstones. And if you like something you see on a large jewelry component seller, FMG, & would like the 100+ discount price, there is a guy who orders daily from there & has a website for others to order through him– I don’t need his services but am just passing along the info. Hope this is helpful:)

  7. Karen Huber says:


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