Reflections of the Sea – Amazonite Chips Bracelet

by Natasha Mayers.
(The island of Barbados)

I enjoy working with memory wire.

Created in October 2016, I used 2″ wire and it wraps four full times.

Reflections of the Sea - Amazonite Chips Bracelet by Natasha Mayers  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Sand dollar on Amazonite coils

This wire size might be best suited for wrists around 5″ – 7″.

Being from the Caribbean, the range of colours appealed to me and reminded me of the Caribbean sea.

Some are more sky blue and others are turquoise or sea green.

A few also have dark brownish edges, too.

The front focal is a silver sand dollar and the back uses silver spacer beads and teal toned faceted beads as complementary colours.

Natasha Mayers
Uniquely Yours Jewelry

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  1. Natasha, these beautiful beads create a wonderful picture of the color of the sea and such a great way to frame the sand dollar. I also like that you used chip beads instead of round ones in the bracelet, because they feel more natural, as though they had been tumbled in the sea.

  2. Hi Rena, thank you! And also thanks for allowing me the opportunity to post in the weekly Journal. You and your team work really hard and this resource inspires me, teaches me so much.
    I love Amazonite gemstones in any shape. I also find I have a liking for working with chips, such a different viewpoint from where I started because I felt they were only good for simple drop earrings or necklaces.

  3. I’m also drawn to amazonite and love the way you’ve used it here.

  4. Thank you, Maxine 🙂

  5. Colleen says:

    What a beautiful bracelet! Love the color and the focal.

  6. Natasha, I love the piece, great job! I have stayed away from chips but seeing your creation has brought about new interest. I am also Caribbean and can relate to the color which is so vibrant. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This bracelet really is beautiful. The colour and texture conjure up images of the Caribbean Sea for sure. Well done Natasha.

  8. Liz Juneau says:

    This has two of my favorite elements, the blue green color of Amazonite and a symbol of the beach, the sand dollar. Beautiful.

  9. Thank you, ladies!! I appreciate your comments and encouragement.

  10. I am naturally attracted to amazonite, turquoise, aquamarine etc. and love your bracelet!

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