Pendant Ideas Using a Wine Bottle Cork?

by Carol.

Pendant Ideas Using a Wine Bottle Cork?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I just returned from a Mexico adventure.

I collected a bunch of wine corks that I intend to make into necklace pendants.

Anyone have suggestions?


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  1. Carol, what a great idea for creating adventure souvenir jewelry! Here are some imaginative cork jewelry ideas shared by other JMJ artists that may spark an inspiration for your pendants:

    Quirky Corky Earrings
    California Vacation Charm Bracelet
    Bird of Paradise Necklace.

    We’d love to see your wine cork pendants when you get them finished! 🙂

  2. Wow, I’ve never thought of this! You could do a viking knit around the corks, or make a chainmaille cage from jumprings. I hope you post pictures when you make one, I’m interested in seeing what you make!!

  3. I cut the corks into odd bits. Then I use an ice pick to put a hole in the (more or less) center. I seal them with clear gloss or matte medium and use them as beads. I like the oddness of the shapes and the stray letters from the brand names. In one necklace I glued cork bead to wire in several places with 2 or 3 bead dangles hanging between. When I wear the necklace, the bead dangles slide around between the stationary corks.

  4. I like to drill a hole thru the cork, run wire thru, add bead caps to make the pendant, then add beads and charms to hang from the pendant, top and bottom.

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