Make a Wrap Bracelet / Necklace

by Rena Klingenberg.

Make a Wrap Bracelet / Necklace Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

make a wrapped bracelet - tranquil island by Rena Klingenberg

Wear this project as a multi-wrap bracelet.


Convertible wrapped necklace tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

The same project worn as a double-wrapped necklace.

This tropical, boho-style project is a good way to use up leftover beads and stringing materials.

I wanted this wrap bracelet / necklace to have a tranquil island feel, so I chose leftover odds and ends that had the colors and feel I was looking for.

Supplies I Used:

beads for wrapped bracelet

Leftover beads – I used cowrie shells, donut beads, and painted wooden beads – but you could use any sort of beads, charms, findings, coins, etc.


faux suede cord used in wrap bracelet / necklace project

Stringing material – I used 4 pieces of faux suede cord, each 18″ (46 cm) long.  I chose misty turquoise, green, and lime for a soft tropical impression.

But you could use leftover chain, ribbons, leather / satin / cotton cord, fabric strips, or whatever else you have on hand, in any colors you like.


clasp for wrapped bracelet / necklace


Clasp – I used this swivel-hook clasp I found in a hardware store (in the chain fasteners section).

Now that this bracelet / necklace project is finished, I think this clasp is a bit too heavy for it, both visually and physically.  It would be better on a stronger, heavier piece of jewelry.

However, I could easily untie the cord from this hardware clasp, and replace it with a smaller, lighter clasp.

How to Make This Wrap Bracelet / Necklace:

Attach your clasp to one end of your first piece of stringing material (blue suede cord, in my case).  Since I used cord, I tied it to the clasp:

wrapped bracelet / necklace tutorial - attach clasp


Next, string whatever beads, shells, charms, etc. onto that first piece of stringing material, and then make a loop in the end that’s opposite your clasp:

making wrapped bracelet / necklace project

Now pick up your second piece of stringing material (mine’s a green suede cord), and attach it to the loop you just made in the first piece of stringing material by making a loop.

Then add whatever beads / charms, etc. onto that second piece of stringing material, and make a loop in the unfinished end:

How the second piece of suede cord ties onto the first one

Add your third and fourth pieces of stringing materials the same way as you did with the second piece.  (Attach a new loop through last loop, string your beads / charms, and make a loop in the end.)

make a wrap bracelet or necklace by Rena Klingenberg

Make sure your final piece of stringing material ends in a loop – because that loop will be what you’ll hook your clasp onto when you wear this piece of jewelry.

How to Wear Your Wrap Bracelet / Necklace:

make a wrap bracelet

As a bracelet – Wrap it as many times as you can around your wrist and fasten the clasp.

Slide the beads / charms around to the locations you want them.

Slide one finger of your opposite hand under your bracelet wraps to even them out (so you won’t have some tight strands and some loose strands).


Make a wrapped necklace tutorial

As a necklace – Wrap it as many times as you wish around your neck and fasten the clasp.

You can wear the clasp in front or back.

Adjust the length of the strands – you may want some strands shorter and some longer.

Slide the beads / charms where you want them on the strands.

Rena Klingenberg
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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Rena! That is a neat way to do a tropical, boho style piece, a style which I love, as well as a way to use up bits. And I really love the colours of the cords you put together!

  2. Rena, This is just the idea I’ve been looking for. I have a friend who gave me about 10-15 shells she has collected with holes in them. I’ve been trying to come up with something to do with them. Voila! She also loves wrapped bracelets as does her daughter. I did make a pair of earring for her from 2 shells that matched and she loves them. This will help find a home for some of the other ones. Thanks!!!

  3. Thank you for your kind feedback! Tamara, thanks for noticing the colors – I wanted a soft, muted tropical color feeling instead of the neons and brights that often accompany island-themed things, and I really like the effect.

    Bev, I bet your wrap bracelet will be fantastic with the earrings!

  4. I love making wrap bracelet/necklaces. That clasp size is great for those who can’t managed a smaller clasp due to problems with their hands. The muted colors are great for the summer and spring. And would be great for little girls who are so into mermaid type jewelry. Thanks for sharing your idea with us all!

  5. Deborah says:

    I love these! My daughter sent me some hand painted seeds from Hawaii with drilled holes in top and the bottom. They are beautiful but I have no idea what to do with them. But these are beautiful. I wish I was creative like this. Any suggestions?

  6. Suzanne Urbano says:

    I just found this site while I was looking for ideas. I can hardly wait to try it. I do have left over beads and such. I Recently received hand-me-down jewelry and bought some at a thrift shop. Some have shells. I used some of them to make book cords at Christmas to give to ones in our church. I use hemp, knot a bead or how many you want in place, leave a section clear in the middle and do the same on the other end. I glue the knots and the ends. This is easier to hold the place in the book and easier to find the book cord.

  7. Suzanne, welcome! We’re so glad to meet you and hear about your projects. Great idea for the book cords!

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