Love Me Do! Heart Pendants

by Erinn LaMattery.

Love Me Do! Heart Pendants by Erinn LaMattery  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

All laid out like a flower!

Although I’m behind on my Valentine’s Day line, I finally got some statement Love Me Do heart pendants finished off, and am so happy with how they turned out.

These have at least 10 steps from start to finish, if not more, starting with a coil of wire and ending with the finished heart.

In between is the shaping, texturing, oxidizing, cleaning, sealing, accenting and finishing, if I were to work on one straight through, they probably take a few hours from start to finish.

Love Me Do! Heart Pendants by Erinn LaMattery  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

And all piled up in a bunch!

I do them up in batches though so they go a bit quicker overall, but take longer cause I’m making so many at once.

Happily, a few sold right away, good news for a small business like me, and the rest are off to Etsy for the rest of the world to grab!

Love Me Do! Heart Pendant, modeled by artist by Erinn LaMattery  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

And here I am modeling my necklace!

To be honest though, the hardest part of the whole process is pricing.

I have a really hard time with pricing. The raw materials themselves are not that costly, but the time it takes is where they cost the most.

And to run a business, I have to price things by my time as well as by materials, so, that’s an area I’m slowly getting a grip on.

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  1. I love all the details that go into these heart pendants, and that each one is unique. And so nice to see you modeling your work, Erinn!
    About your pricing quandary – you’ve probably seen the
    Jewelry Pricing Formula
    here – but also be sure to see this post too –
    Profiting from Jewelry That’s Time Consuming to Make
    – it may spark an idea for you. 🙂

  2. Hi Erin, really lovely hearts and yours suits you so well. Love them and glad to hear you sold some right away, so encouraging. Kate

  3. Aww thank you ladies, they are definitely fun to make! And thanks Rena for the links, I’ll definitely go read them!

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