Kumihimo with a Twist

by Becky Patellis,
(Marietta, Georgia USA)

Necklace for my wirecrafted pendant

Necklace for my wirecrafted pendant

This is a variation to my basic Kumihimo pattern first printed in August 2009 Bead & Button. You just set up your cords, with 2 colors of each and place each color side-by-side. That makes the braid spiral.

Pearl and crystal bracelet

Pearl and crystal bracelet


Becky Patellis
Becky Patellis Jewelry Designs


Doing The Twist
by: Maryanne Murphy

Your necklace and bracelet are just beautiful and I am very envious. Why? I have never been able to “twist” a piece and have it stay put.

All my hard work has always unraveled. I guess we all have our talents and your beautiful design is obviously yours.

Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Maryanne Murphy
Non-profit Partnership Website

by: Alana

That is a gorgeous design!

Cheers Alana
Sparkling Dragon Designs

Great choice
by: Joyce

Dear Becky,
I admire your choice: this is a perfect match. Soft shining vs sparkles, round vs edgy, warm vs cold.
Isn’t that the most difficult part of beading? Choosing and matching?

First time I saw it I thought, finally someone who works like me: crochet! And than I saw the description.
It has the same effect as a crochet necklace with large beads, the twist I mean, so Maryanne…..

Kumihimo spiraling
by: Becky

Thanks for the ‘atta girl’. The bracelet and necklace are not ‘twisted’. Just looks that way because of the way I set up the cords on the disk. And, yes, it looks like crochet but a whole lot easier and faster.

Fantastic beadwork!
by: Rena

Absolutely gorgeous work on both of these pieces! The bracelet – oh my, the contrast and beauty of the two bead types in the spiral is just stunning. And the necklace strand is a fabulous complement to the pendant.

Thanks so much for sharing your artistry here!

by: Veronica


lovely bracelet!
by: Fran

What size beads did you use? And how did you set up your warps to get such a nice spiral?

So Beautiful!

by: Carol

I was also wondering what size beads and pearls you used as well as the layout for the strings. I am new to Kumihimo and would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!

side by side?

by: Tracy

You said to place each colour side by side – do you mean two of one colour and then two of another or one colour and then right next to it, the other colour. Sorry but I wanted to clarify! Thanks

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  1. Sorry, ladies, that I did not answer you queries right away. Just forgot to check the reviews. First, the size beads for the bracelet were 4mm bi-cone crystals and 5-5.5mm freshwater pearls. The necklace was simply loaded with size 8 seed beads. Boy, I really confused everyone with my description of how to set up the beads for swirling. Set-up for swirl. And you are using just two colors. Let’s say color A, and color B. Place the cords for color A in adjoining slots. And bring them straight across the disk on the opposite side. Now turn the disk 1/4 turn, and place color B in those adjoining slots, and bring them straight across disk to the slots directly opposite. I hope that somewhat helps.

  2. linda blankenship says:

    I wanted to know what type of cord you strung the beads on? I know the pearls & also the bicone holes are to small for the normal rayon cord. This is the prettiest kumo bracelet I’ve seen yet.

  3. becky patellis says:

    Linda, I use S-Lon on most of my Kumihimo pieces, even the 4mm bicones work well. For the pearls, that was a little more intensive. I used size F silk knotting thread. I wanted 4 threads through, so I threaded a flexible needle with 1 thread, doubled and strung the pearls. Then I threaded another flexible needle with another of the thread, doubled and strung it through the holes. That gave me 4 threads. I needed that to make it strong.

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